Mackers chathead
Mackers only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Mackers pet
Release date 22 November 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Turkey
Source 2011 Thanksgiving event
Interface Yes
Category Unknown edit
2011 Thanksgiving Event
Food Cake and Chocolate cake
Colour variations 1
Examine A hungry looking turkey.
A cake-loving turkey.
Mackers chathead

Mackers is a turkey who first appeared during the 2011 Thanksgiving Event. Mackers was also given out during the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Thanksgiving events to those who did not receive him in 2011.

He has an obsession with cake, and only participated in the turkey protest because he was told that cake would be present. After the event is complete, players could still talk to him whilst outside the Cook's Guild. He would say something along the lines of, "I can smell those cakes, There must be a way in." For members, Mackers would decide to tag along with the player with the hope of a better chance at finding cake.

Despite being a members-only pet, Mackers was obtainable by both members and free players alike; though only members can use and interact with it.

Like Eek, Mackers can be stored in a Menagerie in a player-owned house. Unlike Eek, however, Mackers cannot be stored in a Toy box and will call you silly if you try to put him in one.

Mackers was converted to an interface pet during the 15 October 2018 update.



  • Mackers is the fourth members-only holiday event reward, preceded by the wintumber tree, icicle crown and the hourglass.
  • Mackers is also the first members-only holiday event reward that could be obtained by a non-member.
  • This is the third pet reward from a holiday event, after Eek and the squirrels that can be summoned by the squirrel ears.
  • When feeding him cake or chocolate cake, Mackers says "Om nom nom nom nom." This is a reference to the internet meme.
  • When Mackers was first released, Wolf Whistle was a requirement to have Mackers follow you as a pet. Thus Mackers was the first holiday item to have a requirement other than the event itself (requiring an external quest and 4 Summoning). This was changed with the 28 November 2011 update.
  • If the player talks to Mackers with cake or chocolate cake in inventory, Mackers will ask for cake and the player will admit to having some. However, this does not feed the cake to Mackers. The player must use the cake on Mackers to feed him.
  • When Mackers' hunger gets to 65%, he would ask for cake. His chat head uses the old animation for this.
  • Mackers will not eat mint cake, celebration cake or 10th anniversary cake. If players try to feed it to Mackers, they will get the message: "Nope, Mackers only eats cake."
  • When players dismiss Mackers using the Summoning interface, he will be sent to Diango, despite the message that says Mackers has wandered off to find more cake.
  • Mackers is the second NPC to have an obsession with cake, the first being Squire Sam.
  • Mackers says that he was promised cake only to find that there was none, which is a reference to Valve's game Portal.
  • It was possible to store Mackers in a POH Toy Box; however, this function was removed in the 28 November 2011 update. Attempting to do so results in extra dialogue between Mackers and the player.
  • If another player uses their cake on a Mackers not being under their ownership, he will refuse to eat it and say "No thanks."
  • Before it was converted to an interface pet, it was possible to feed Mackers to a baby troll.
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