Madame Shih chathead

Madame Shih is a powerful pirate warlord from the Wushanko Isles who features in the Pieces of Hate quest. She is first encountered locked up on Rock Island Prison where she can tell players about her flocks of pirate armies and incredible reputation. Once players escape the prison, she brings a large ship to where Captain Rabid Jack's hideout supposedly is, but is instead ambushed and abducted by Jack instead, and her ship obliterated by Zogoth.

After the quest, she leaves back to the Wushanko Isles. Players can talk to Bill Teach after the quest about the events to learn he saw Madame Shih haul a rusted, ancient-looking barnacled chest onto her ship, as well as a far gaze in her eye. It is very likely that Xau-Tak has possessed and/or corrupted her, as The Sanctum Guardian mentions her as "Lady Shih" while Himiko's Vision suggests that she was the one who met and brought Himiko into the same temple that the adventurer defeated Rabid Jack at in her vision.


  • Madame Shih is named after Ching Shih, a 19th Century Chinese pirate commander.

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