Mage (Conquest).png
Release date 25 August 2010 (Update)
Movement 4
Damage 200
Health 100
Range 4
Cost 100
Description Sacrificing range for increased devastation, the Mage can be a deadly addition to your forces - if you can protect them from incoming attacks.
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Mages are the secondary ranged units in Conquest, and can rip apart a strong offensive line with relative ease if used properly. Being able to move four and attack three spaces away gives her a total attack range of 7 squares, and their blasts can fell a lot of units and if not so then seriously damage them, although with 100 life points, just like archers they have to be protected as much as possible. The likes of Battle Cry and Vigilance can greatly improve their efficiency, but even without those a halberdier formation stands no chance against a group of mages. They are best deployed against halberdiers, or to finish off stronger troops weakened by an archer or a scout. Enemy scouts, however, can prove a great deal of bother and danger when faced with mages, so try and find an alternative to that whenever possible, and other troops can get through them if not countered with care and caution.

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