This article is about a stat that increased magical damage. For information on calculating damage, see Ability damage.
Hitpoints historical
Magic Damage was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.
Staff of light equipped

The Staff of light gives a 15% boost to magic damage.

Magic Damage was an equipment statistic that existed before the Evolution of Combat. It functioned as a damage multiplier that increased the damage of magic spells. The effects of most equipped items can be seen at the bottom of the stats window (labelled Magic Damage: +x%).

Damage-boosting equipment

Icon Equipment Damage boost Requirements to wear Conditions/Notes
Arcane pulse necklace Arcane pulse necklace 5% Level 30 Magic
Level 30 Dungeoneering
Costs 6,500 Dungeoneering tokens and is otherwise untradeable
Arcane blast necklace Arcane blast necklace 10% Level 50 Magic
Level 50 Dungeoneering
Costs 15,500 Dungeoneering tokens and is otherwise untradeable
Arcane stream necklace Arcane stream necklace 15% Level 80 Magic
Level 70 Dungeoneering
Can be made by combining Chaotic remnant with Saradomins hiss (Remnant costs 100,000 dungeoneering tokens)
Polypore stick Polypore stick 1% Level 75 Magic Can be farmed (level 80)into a Polypore staff see below
Gravite staff Gravite staff 5% Level 45 Magic
Level 45 Dungeoneering
Degrades over time (lasts for 10 hours of combat)
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff 10% Level 70 Magic Degrades over time
(lasts for 15 hours of combat)
Akrisae's war mace Akrisae's war mace 10% Level 70 Magic
Level 70 Attack
Level 70 Prayer
Completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Degrades over time (lasts for 15 hours of combat)
Ancient staff Ancient staff 10% Level 50 Magic
Completion of Desert Treasure
Zuriel's staff Zuriel's staff 10% Level 78 Magic Degrades over time
(lasts for 1 hour of combat); able to cast Miasmic spells after Desert Treasure
Master wand Master wand 10% Level 60 Magic Must have purchased preceding wands as well
Void knight mace Void knight mace 10% Level 42 Attack
Level 42 Strength
Level 42 Defence
Level 42 Constitution
Level 42 Ranged
Level 42 Magic
Level 22 Prayer
Costs 250 Void Knight commendation points and is otherwise untradeable; able to cast Claws of Guthix
Saradomin's hiss Saradomin's hiss 12% 70 Magic Dropped by Commander Zilyana and her minions
Polypore staff Polypore staff 13% Level 75 Magic Can fire its own powerful, unnamed spell
Staff of light Staff of light 15% Level 75 Magic Can also cast Slayer dart
Armadyl battlestaff Armadyl battlestaff 15% Level 77 Magic Also acts like an Air staff; speeds up casting of Storm of Armadyl
Chaotic staff Chaotic staff 20% Level 80 Magic
Level 80 Dungeoneering
Degrades over time
(lasts for 10 hours of combat)
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