Magic bean (sundry) detail

Magic bean (sundry) is a type of magic bean which can be bought from the Farmers' Market for 400 beans along side other magic beans. It can be placed in mushroom, hops, allotment, and evil turnip patches. When planted, the beans grow into the highest level crop that the player can plant in the respective patch in about 5 seconds.


By growing morchella mushrooms at the Canifis patch, the value of sundry magic beans can be approximated.

Base 24,606
Morytania legs 4 49,212
Gloomshroom zygomite 26,328.42
Daemoncap zygomite 27,066.6
Morytania legs 4Gloomshroom zygomite 52,656.84
Morytania legs 4Daemoncap zygomite 54,133.2

This gives a base experience of 859.3 Farming experience per cycle, unaffected by task set or zygomite perks, but affected by various experience boosting sets, such as the Farmer's outfit and its elite version, the Master farmer outfit