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This article is about the transportation system. For other uses, see Magic carpet (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with rug.

A player riding a magic carpet

The magic carpet is a mode of transportation in the Kharidian Desert. The magic carpet system is operated by rug merchants. Carpets can be used to travel to any unlocked destination for a fee of 1000 coins. Completing the Rogue Trader miniquest reduces this cost to 500 and additionally wearing an activated ring of charos to 375 coins respectively. While riding on the carpet, the user will not regain run energy. All magic carpets except for the one located at the monkey colony can be used to travel to any other destination. The monkey colony carpet only travels to South Pollnivneach and Al Kharid.


The interface for the magic carpet network


  • The jingle that plays when you ride the carpet was updated with the release of Back to the Freezer on 27 February 2017.
  • Due to a previous incident, the right hand used to have to be free (no weapons). However, this is no longer the case.
  • Travelling to the monkey colony used to be free but after the update connecting all carpets, it now also costs the standard fee. Travelling from the monkey colony remains free and the old limited destinations remain unchanged.