Magic flute detail

The magic flute is a flute obtained by using Apollo's helmet on a specific Goebie as part of the Mod Deg trading sequence. Which Goebie the helmet must be used on varies between players, and different named Goebies appear on every world. A player can find out the name of the Goebie who has the flute by using the helmet on any random Goebie.

If the flute is played next to most types of rat (including rat, angry giant rat, brine rat, crypt rat, dungeon rat, giant crypt rat, giant rat, Hell-Rat, warped rat and zombie rat), they will squeak and begin to follow the user for a few moments. This ability has a two minute cooldown, shared with the creepy doll and Apollo's helmet.

The flute can be used on Lunch four times to obtain the Goebie disguise kit.


  • The flute is a reference to that of the Pied Piper of Hamelin - a tale of a man who was hired to lure away the rats from a town using his pipe. 
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