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Magic seed detail

Magic seeds are the highest level tree patch seeds. At level 75 Farming, magic seeds may be planted in plant pots with a trowel and watered to become magic saplings.

A magic seed, when planted in a tree patch, may grow into a magic tree. Planting the seed gives 145.5 experience and checking the health gives 13768.3 experience, for a total of 13913.8 experience per seed (unless the tree dies while growing).

A fully grown magic tree can be cut to yield magic logs (and grant Woodcutting experience). After the tree has been cut down, it will eventually regrow; however, with level 80 Summoning, a hydra may be used to instantly regrow and cut down trees in tree patches. Using a spade on the cut tree roots before the tree has regrown yields magic roots and makes the tree patch available for planting a new tree. Alternatively, players can right click and clear the tree. This instantly removes the tree whether or not it has been cut down from the patch, making the patch available for a new seed to be planted, but no magic roots or logs are obtained.

The farmer next to the patch will protect a growing magic tree from disease, in exchange for 25 coconuts.

Magic seeds may be found rarely in bird's nests, which can be obtained randomly while Woodcutting or from Managing Miscellania. Magic seeds may also be obtained by freeing a dragon impling, and as a drop from monsters with access to the rare drop table. Players can also obtain a magic seed as a reward from the Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion. This seed is one of the few tree seeds which cannot be obtained through the Vinesweeper minigame.

Magic seed
Farming level 75
Patch Tree
Payment 25 coconuts
Time 8 hours/480 minutes (12x40 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 145.5
Checking 13,768.3
Crop Magic logs
Yield[?] Unknown edit
Stage Description Image
1 The magic sapling has only just been planted. Magic1
2 The magic sapling grows a little bit. Magic2
3 The magic sapling grows a little bit more. Magic3
4 The magic sapling grows a few small branches. Magic4
5 The magic tree grows a small canopy. Magic5
6 The magic tree canopy becomes larger, and starts producing sparkles. Magic6
7 The magic tree grows and the base becomes lighter. Magic7
8 The magic tree grows and the base becomes darker. Magic8
9 The magic tree's bark is more prominent and the canopy gains more sparkles. Magic9
10 The magic tree grows taller. Magic10
11 The magic tree grows taller. Magic11
12 The magic tree is ready to be harvested. Magic12


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Barrows: Rise of the SixN/A2–4Common
Commander Zilyana5961Rare
Commander Zilyana5961–3Rare
Ganodermic beast1121Rare
Queen Black Dragon9001Rare
Crystal implingN/A1Uncommon
Crystal impling jarN/A1Uncommon
Dragon implingN/A1Uncommon
Kalphite King25005Uncommon
Motherlode MawN/A1Uncommon
Rare drop tableN/A4Uncommon
Desert strykewyrm1031Very rare
Gnome RestaurantN/A1–3Very rare
Ice strykewyrm1061Very rare


  • Up until 16 Febuary 2015, the growth stages matched that of the old style of magic trees. The stages have since been updated to the current magic tree style.
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