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The Magic shieldbow (sighted) is created by using a Shieldbow sight on a Magic shieldbow. It requires 55 Ranged and 55 Defence to use and is a more powerful version of the regular magic shieldbow, but it loses the special attack. It is currently the most powerful shieldbow in free-to-play, as well as being one of the most powerful overall F2P weapons.

The shieldbow sight can be bought from the Rewards trader, for 10,000 dungeoneering tokens. According to the 10:1 experience to tokens received ratio, one needs 100,000 Dungeoneering experience to obtain sufficient tokens (approximately level 50 Dungeoneering, assuming no tokens spent or obtained from Sinkholes).

The magic shieldbow (sighted) also has one of the longest attack ranges in the game, able to hit targets up to 9 squares away.

Combat Stats
RequirementsMagic shieldbow sighted equipped.png
55 Ranged, 55 Defence
Ranged.png Ranged2h slot.png
Average (3.6s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour196PvM: 5.5%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


  • Despite it being indicated on the website manual of RuneScape as requiring level 30 Dungeoneering to use, the shieldbow sight is indicated in-game as requiring a Dungeoneering level of 45.
  • When viewing the in-game ranged manual, the bow used to be called "Magic longbow (focused)" instead of "Magic shieldbow (sighted)." This has been fixed.
  • A graphical glitch existed where the bowstring of the sighted longbow would not be drawn back when the bow is fired. This glitch was fixed on 6 October 2010.
  • Upon release of the Evolution of Combat, this bow was members-only, while F2P had access to the unsighted version. Despite this, free players could still attach the shieldbow sight to the shieldbow, resulting in the creation of a Members object. The only way to remove the sight was to log into a P2P world. This was fixed in a hidden update.
  • Even though the Magic Shieldbow has a shield larger than that of most other bows, when sighted, the shield size is reduced to that of a regular Shieldbow.
  • The Damage stat of a regular Magic shieldbow (265) was more than twice that of the sighted version (132), yet the Maple shieldbow (sighted) (238) had a significantly higher damage stat than a regular Maple Shieldbow (159). It was eventually corrected to 291.

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