This article is about the Magic stone used in Tears of Guthix. For the Magic stone used in Construction, see Magic stone.

Magic stone (Tears of Guthix) detail.png

The Magic stone is used in the quest Tears of Guthix to make the stone bowl. It is mined from rocks near Juna within the Magic stone mine. You must have a sapphire lantern with you in order to access the stones, and partial completion of Tears of Guthix is required to make the stone bowl. Use the sapphire lantern on a light creature and select to go "across the chasm" and you will see the ores ahead.

According to Juna, the cave from where the rocks originate is infused with the power of Guthix in a similar manner to the tears themselves, explaining why the bowl crafted from the stone is capable of holding the Tears of Guthix.

The Magic stone mine


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