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Mahogany eagle lectern

A player creates tablets with the mahogany eagle lectern

Magic tablets are magic spells that are sealed into clay, which allows the spell to be used later. Clicking on the magic tablet in the inventory activates the spell.

Magic tablets are generally created by using soft clay and runes on a lectern in a player-owned house. The tradeable tablets provide players with a method to gain the benefit of a spell before reaching the required Magic level to cast it. However, for base spells which require quests, the tablets also require the same quests. For example, Plague City is required to use the Ardougne teleport tablet.

Tablets are useful in situations where inventory space is critical and/or where inventory-based activation is useful. Players on a different spellbook (Lunar magic or Ancient Magicks) may find it useful to have access to a subset of spells from the Standard spellbook.



These tablets mostly contain spells from the Standard Spellbook. Exceptions include the Heart tablets, which require Tales of the God Wars to use, and the Dagannoth Kings tablet, which are exclusively dropped by the kings and cannot be crafted.

Tablet Teleport location Lectern Price
Varrock teleport (item) Varrock teleport Varrock Oak/eagle 2,787
Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge Eagle 4,044
Falador teleport Falador teleport Falador 2,386
Camelot teleport Camelot teleport Camelot Teak eagle 3,266
Ardougne teleport Ardougne teleport East Ardougne 4,848
Watchtower teleport Watchtower teleport Watchtower Mahogany eagle 4,566
Teleport to house Teleport to house Player-owned house 3,293
God wars teleport God wars teleport God Wars Dungeon 3,645
The Heart teleport The Heart teleport Heart of Gielinor 4,205
Mazcab teleport Mazcab teleport Mazcab 6,287
Dagannoth Kings teleport Dagannoth Kings teleport Waterbirth Island Dungeon N/A 9,582


The ability to create 'Chipped' teleport tablets is a reward after completion of Evil Dave's Big Day Out.

Tablet Teleport location
'Chipped' Varrock teleport 'Chipped' Varrock teleport Varrock Museum
'Chipped' Lumbridge teleport 'Chipped' Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge Crater, southern entrance
'Chipped' Falador teleport 'Chipped' Falador teleport Falador, southern gate
'Chipped' Camelot teleport 'Chipped' Camelot teleport Catherby docks
'Chipped' Ardougne teleport 'Chipped' Ardougne teleport West Ardougne plaza
'Chipped' Watchtower teleport 'Chipped' Watchtower teleport Observatory, near the Observatory assistant

Ancient Magicks

The ability to create Ancient teleport tablets may be purchased from the Bounty Hunter & Deathmatch Reward Shop for 300 Deathmatch points. These require Desert Treasure to use.

Tablet Teleport location Lectern Price
Paddewwa teleport Paddewwa teleport Paddewwa (Edgeville Dungeon) Mahogany eagle 2,146
Senntisten teleport Senntisten teleport Senntisten (Exam Centre) 2,979
Kharyrll teleport Kharyrll teleport Kharyrll (Canifis) 4,012
Lassar teleport Lassar teleport Lassar (Ice Mountain) 2,135
Dareeyak teleport Dareeyak teleport Dareeyak (Western Ruins) 2,435
Carrallanger teleport Carrallanger teleport Carrallanger (Graveyard of Shadows) 3,289
Annakarl teleport Annakarl teleport Annakarl (Demonic Ruins) 5,187
Ghorrock teleport Ghorrock teleport Ghorrock (Frozen Waste Plateau) 3,644

Player-owned house

Tablets that teleport players outside player-owned houses can be created after completion of Love Story. Using a chisel on a standard Teleport to house tablet creates a Teleport to house (chipped), which can then be modified to take the player to any POH portal.

Tablet Teleport location
Rimmington tablet Rimmington tablet Rimmington portal
Taverley tablet Taverley tablet Taverley portal
Pollnivneach tablet Pollnivneach tablet Pollnivneach portal
Rellekka tablet Rellekka tablet Rellekka portal
Brimhaven tablet Brimhaven tablet Brimhaven portal
Yanille tablet Yanille tablet Yanille portal
Trollheim tablet Trollheim tablet Trollheim
Prifddinas tablet Prifddinas tablet Prifddinas portal
Otot tablet Otot tablet Otot portal
Menaphos tablet Menaphos tablet Menaphos portal

The Arc

Tablets that teleport players to islands in the Arc may be purchased at the Waiko Reward Shop for 5 chimes each. They cannot be made by players, unlike other teleport tablets.

Tablet Teleport location
Waiko teleport Waiko teleport Merchant hub on Waiko
Aminishi teleport Aminishi teleport The Assassin on Aminishi
Whale's Maw teleport Whale's Maw teleport The Whaler on Whale's Maw
Cyclosis teleport Cyclosis teleport Merchant district on Cyclosis
Tuai Leit teleport Tuai Leit teleport Academy of learning on Tuai Leit
Islands That Once Were Turtles teleport Islands That Once Were Turtles teleport North of the fort on The Islands That Once Were Turtles
Goshima teleport Goshima teleport Druid colony on Goshima


Players can unlock the ability to create tablets that teleport to different locations around Menaphos (and the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon). The district teleports require rank 4 reputation in their respective district whereas the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon and Shifting Tombs teleports require rank 4 reputation in any district. They are all made with one soft clay and two law runes at a lectern.

Tablet Teleport location Price
Imperial district teleport Imperial district teleport The Imperial district in Menaphos 1,457
Merchant district teleport Merchant district teleport The Merchant district Menaphos 1,130
Port district teleport Port district teleport The Port district in Menaphos 1,779
Worker district teleport Worker district teleport The Worker district in Menaphos 978
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport Outside the entrance of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon 6,254
Menaphos shifting tombs teleport Menaphos shifting tombs teleport Shifting Tombs lobby 1,418
Magister teleport tablet Magister teleport tablet [1] In front of the door to the The Magister N/A
  1. ^ Can only be obtained from a Menaphos birthday gift box.


Runecrafting tablets are used to teleport to their respective altars, or the Runecrafting Guild. They are rewards from The Great Orb Project.

Tablet Teleport location Price
Air altar teleport Air altar teleport Air Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 30 tokens
Mind altar teleport Mind altar teleport Mind Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 32 tokens
Water altar teleport Water altar teleport Water Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 34 tokens
Earth altar teleport Earth altar teleport Earth Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 36 tokens
Fire altar teleport Fire altar teleport Fire Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 37 tokens
Body altar teleport Body altar teleport Body Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 38 tokens
Cosmic altar teleport Cosmic altar teleport Cosmic Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 39 tokens
Chaos altar teleport Chaos altar teleport Chaos Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 40 tokens
Astral altar teleport Astral altar teleport Astral Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 41 tokens
Nature altar teleport Nature altar teleport Nature Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 42 tokens
Law altar teleport Law altar teleport Law Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 43 tokens
Death altar teleport Death altar teleport Death Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 44 tokens
Blood altar teleport Blood altar teleport Blood Altar Runecrafting guild token 5 45 tokens
Runecrafting guild teleport Runecrafting guild teleport Runecrafting Guild Runecrafting guild token 5 15 tokens


Tablet Lectern Price
Enchant sapphire Enchant sapphire Oak/demon 232
Enchant emerald Enchant emerald Demon 925
Enchant ruby Enchant ruby Teak demon 1,239
Enchant diamond Enchant diamond 395
Enchant dragonstn. Enchant dragonstn. Mahogany demon 529
Enchant onyx Enchant onyx 504
Bones to bananas Bones to bananas 627
Bones to peaches Bones to peaches 147
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