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Sea turtle (swimming)
Manta ray (swimming)
Great white shark (swimming)

Magical fishing spots are a type of fishing spot found at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. They require a minimum level of 79 Fishing to use.

To use magical fishing spots to catch fish, they must first be baited with special baits made from 300 magnetic minnows each. There are three kinds of fish that may be caught at magical fishing spots, and three corresponding types of bait. These are Sea turtle bait to catch sea turtles (requires level 79 Fishing), Great white shark bait to catch great white sharks (requires level 80 Fishing), and Manta ray bait to catch manta rays (requires level 81 Fishing). Once 50 fish are caught, the spot will be depleted, and will need to be baited again.

Baiting one magical fishing spot will also bait others nearby, and depleting one will deplete all of those in its group. There are four groups of fishing spot, which may be baited with different or the same kinds of fish.

Once a fishing spot has been baited, it must be either depleted through fishing or have the currently attracted fish scared away (right-click option) before another bait can be used on the spot.