This article is about the Summoning familiar. For the impling in Impetuous Impulses, see Magpie impling.
Magpie chathead

The magpie is a Summoning familiar. Summoning a Magpie requires level 47 Summoning and a Magpie pouch, granting 0.9 Summoning experience.

Summoning a magpie will grant an invisible +3 Thieving level boost. It provides a random chance to forage for jewellery.

Magpie Pouch


A magpie is created by using a pouch on a summoning obelisk, with a Green charm, 88 spirit shards, and 1 Gold ring in the inventory, gaining 83.2 Summoning experience. If you exchange these pouches with Bogrog you will get 62 spirit shards.


Magpies are foragers attracted to shiny and precious objects and will gather any they see.

The items it forages can range from sapphire to diamond gems (uncut) and rings (both enchanted and unenchanted). Magpies can find and store up to 30 pieces of jewellery before emptying is needed.

GE Price GE Price GE Price
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 809 Ring of recoil Ring of recoil 1,780
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 2,555 Emerald ring Emerald ring 3,438 Ring of duelling (8) Ring of duelling (8) 4,097
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1,842 Ruby ring Ruby ring 2,938 Ring of forging Ring of forging 2,788
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 4,843 Diamond ring Diamond ring 4,714 Ring of life Ring of life 4,238

Magpies are excellent familiars for use where no familiar is otherwise neccessary. The items collected make nice profit. Magpies are excellent to use while gathering materials (flax, white berries) instead of a beast of burden familiar, especially when the trip to a bank is a fairly short one. Your average profit per hour could easily increase by 20k (minus the cost of pouches).

It is possible that all uncut gems have a similar chance of being foraged, despite the difference in rarities. This is in contrast to monster drops, which are very commonly sapphires/emeralds and rarely rubies or diamonds. Uncut diamonds are the only exception, seeming to be half as common in some occasions, but still significantly more likely than monster drops. However it is still not impossible to end up with more uncut diamonds than other gems and rings.

Magpies seem to forage more items when the player that has summoned them is actively moving (such as smelting ore) rather than standing still for long periods of time (such as casting High Level Alchemy).

Thieving fingers scroll

Thieving Fingers

A player activating the scroll.


The Thieving Fingers Scroll temporarily increases your level in Thieving by 2, and is activated by using a Thieving Fingers scroll.


  • The's nowt gannin on here... (There's nothing going on here...)
  • Howway, let's gaan see what's happenin' in toon. (Hurry, let's go and see what's happening in town.)
  • Are we ganin oot soon? I'm up fer a good waalk me. (Are we going out soon? I'm up for a good walk.)
  • Yiv' been plodgin' in' the clarts aall day. (You've been walking in the mud all day.)



  • The Magpie's dialogue is a reference to the Geordie dialect (a dialect that is most commonly used in the North East of England; Newcastle), which can be difficult for some people to understand.
  • The pertinence of the Geordie dialect is derived from the football team Newcastle United's nickname, 'The Magpies'.
  • The player character's response "that was just noise" references the BBC comedy series I'm Alan Partridge. In a conversation with his hotel's (Geordie) handyman Michael, Alan responds "I'm sorry, that was just a noise. All I got there was broken homes. And a broken home is not an excuse for evil."
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