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Not to be confused with Kharshai's Memories.
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Mahjarrat Memories is a miniquest wherein players help the Mahjarrat Kharshai recover the memories of some of his kin - both dead and alive - so he can learn what they've been up to. There are 15 memories in total, and they reveal information on the Zarosian empire, demons and the Mahjarrat themselves.

Each Mahjarrat mentioned in Zemouregal's notes has their own memory, with the exception of Zamorak, because he has become a god, and Khazard and Moia, because they did not exist in the Second Age. In addition to 15 lore books, they reward a hefty amount of (bonus) Divination experience, two titles, a pet and a cosmetic override.

This miniquest was released one week before Fate of the Gods. Completing is a requirement for the completionist cape and the master quest cape.

If a player is also yet to complete the You're Not My Real Mah achievement and plans on doing so in the future, it may be beneficial to gather the required memories in the Elder Halls so they can also begin obtaining Elder chronicles. This effectively completes both requirements at the same time.


Start pointQuest map icon.png Talk to Kharshai under Thorvald the Warrior's house.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthVery, Very Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest.png Quests:
Missing Presumed Death is only a requirement for one of the memories, so it is possible to start the miniquest without it.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat
  • None

Kharshai's idea

Kharshai chathead.png

Speak to Kharshai in his dungeon beneath Skulgrimen's Battle Gear in Rellekka (If you cannot access the dungeon, you still need to complete Koschei's Troubles), and he will tell you that he has created a device that can capture the memories of Mahjarrat that have stayed in a place for a long time, which he wishes to use to learn about their current plans and activities. He gives you an engrammeter to store the memories, similar to Kharshai storing his original memories.

However, the engrammeter must be charged with divination memories, from any tier above, or equal to, vibrant memories (cursed memories do not count). 500 memories are required to recharge the engrammeter and enriched memories count as two memories. After charging the engrammeter at one of the Divination spots around the world, you must find each Mahjarrat memory. After storing one memory, you must return to Kharshai to translate the Mahjarrat memory before you can recharge the engrammeter again. Note that 25,000 divination experience will also be awarded for every memory he translates.

Memories of the Mahjarrat

Fewer than 7,500 memories are required to complete the miniquest (enriched count as two). Each set of about 500 memories will take approximately 20~25 minutes to collect depending how many enriched memories you collect, leaving the overall time to complete the miniquest in excess of five hours. Prism of Dowsing, the enrichment aura, and the elder divination outfits are also helpful for this since they can speed up the gathering and increase the chance of an enriched. At 85+ you could collect 500 vibrant memories in 20 minutes using a Supreme enrichment aura.

Mahjarrat Memory Location How to reach Map Location
Akthanakos (Children of Mah, rejuvenated) chathead.png

Akthanakos' memory.png
Akthanakos' memory
The final chamber of Enakhra's Temple Camulet Teleport or use Bandit Camp Lodestone and run south. Akthanakos' memory location.png
Azzanadra (Children of Mah) chathead.png

Azzanadra's memory.png
Azzanadra's memory
The final chamber of the Jaldraocht Pyramid, near the Zarosian altar. Use a Pharaoh's sceptre, Sceptre of gods, or Camulet or use Bandit Camp Lodestone and run south. Enter the passage at the back of the Pyramid. Azzanadra's memory location.png
Bilrach (Children of Mah, rejuvenated) chathead.png

Bilrach's memory.png
Bilrach's memory
In the castle above Daemonheim, on the ground1st floor[UK] Ring of Kinship Bilrach's memory location.png
Enakhra (Children of Mah) chathead.png

Enakhra's memory.png
Enakhra's memory
Enakhra's Temple Camulet Teleport or use Bandit Camp Lodestone and run south. Enakhra's memory location.png
Hazeel (Children of Mah) chathead.png

Hazeel's memory.png
Hazeel's memory
Cultists' hideout in the Ardougne Sewers Use an Ardougne Cloak or Spirit Tree and enter the cave southeast of Clock Tower, then take the raft. (Refer to the Hazeel Cult quest guide for proper valve alignment if needed). Hazeel's memory location.png
Jhallan rejuvenated chathead.png

Jhallan's memory.png
Jhallan's memory
Cave from Tale of the Muspah Mask of the White Wyrm or use fairy ring DKS, The Fremennik Province Lodestone or an Arctic Bear teleport and enter the cave on the mountainside, then hop over the river and enter another cave. Jhallan's memory location.png
Kharshai chathead.png

Kharshai's memory.png
Kharshai's memory
In Kharshai's cave, where you begin the miniquest Enchanted lyre, Rellekka tablet, Fremennik Province Lodestone Kharshai's memory location.png
Lamistard's memory.png
Lamistard's memory
Lamistard's Tunnel OR Zemouregal's Fort (inside) The fort can be quickly accessed from the Mahjarrat Ritual Site with the Glacor Cave's fairy ring, code DKQ. Alternatively, to use the tunnel, enter the cave atop Trollweiss Mountain by going through Trollweiss Dungeon then enter dungeon on top of the mountain. Lamistard's memory location.png
Lucien rejuvenated chathead.png

Lucien's memory.png
Lucien's memory
Lucien's ruined house east of Edgeville, across River Lum Fairy Ring DKR, Varrock Teleport, Edgeville Lodestone, Spirit Tree, or Varrock Lodestone Lucien's memory location.png
Mizzarch's memory.png
Mizzarch's memory
Senntisten Temple Digsite pendant, Senntisten Teleport, Varrock lodestone, wicked hood, or gnome glider to Lemanto Andra. Mizzarch's memory location.png
Palkeera chathead.png

Palkeera's memory.png
Palkeera's memory
Mahjarrat Ritual Site Fairy Ring DKQ, run to the north of the glacor cave and leave through the staircase, then run north west toward the ritual. Palkeera's memory location.png
Ralvash's memory.png
Ralvash's memory
Ghorrock Fairy Ring DKQ, run to the north of the glacor cave and leave through the staircase, run north through the hill towards the castle, run through the Wilderness, or use Erjolf's boat to get to the North from the Rellekka Hunter area. Ralvash's memory location.png
Sliske (Children of Mah) chathead.png

Sliske's memory.png
Sliske's memory
Empyrean Citadel throne room Invitation box Sliske's memory location.png
Wahisietel (Children of Mah) chathead.png

Wahisietel's memory.png
Wahisietel's memory
Ali the Wise's house in north Nardah Desert amulet 2 or above, Fairy Ring code DLQ Wahisietel's memory location.png
Zemouregal rejuvenated chathead.png

Zemouregal's memory.png
Zemouregal's memory
South of the Heart room in the Chaos Temple Dungeon
(requires Insulated boots and Macaw to access)
Bring insulated boots and a macaw or ravenous locust familiar pouch. Talk to Hartwin in Varrock Palace. After going down the trapdoor, (you will be attacked by zombies) pass through three gates, and crawl into the pipe located inside the kitchen. Walk through the end of the cavern, and use the 'Remote view' ability on your familiar to find yourself on the other side after your familiar sees that it is safe to pass. Zemouregal's memory location.png

Finishing up

Once you bring Kharshai your final memory, he will be disappointed that all of the memories were ancient, and thus of no use in learning of the plans of the other Mahjarrat, but will remark that he became slightly more powerful by absorbing the memories, although not enough for it to be of any practical use. Despite this, he thinks the creation of the memories may be linked to why the Mahjarrat's power dissipates before each Ritual of Rejuvenation, and thus considers it an avenue worth investigating.

He also wonders what would happen if you used the charged Engrammeter on the Mahjarrat homeworld of Freneskae, although thinks it very unlikely that you would ever go there. Nevertheless, he thanks you for your help, and you will receive your rewards.

Congratulations, miniquest complete!



Post-release FAQ



  • A Mahjarrat's memory is coloured after the god that is followed by that Mahjarrat, therefore Zamorakian Mahjarrat have red memories, Zarosian Mahjarrat have purple memories, and Kharshai, being ultimately neutral, has a grey memory.
  • The "engrammeter" is a reference to the concept of an engram in neuropsychology.
  • Despite being classified as a mini-quest, Mahjarrat Memories can take longer to complete than any actual quest.
  • The two title rewards are explained in Jhallan's memory, Legatus means "Commander of a whole Legion," and Pontifex means "Leader in the church." In Zarosian terms, a 'Pontifex' is a leader in the church of Zaros, and a 'Legatus' is a general in the Zarosian army. They may also refer to ancient Rome, where a legatus was a general of the Roman army, and the Pontifex maximus was the High Priest of the Collegium Pontificum, the most important position in the ancient Roman religion.
  • Despite Kharshai's curiosity in what would happen if you used the Engrammeter on Freneskae, if you take the Distorted engrammeter to him after Fate of the Gods, nothing happens. There is no chat option about it and 'nothing interesting happens' if you use it with him. Furthermore, if you tell him that you need the engrammeter, he will give you another distorted engrammeter, even if you already have one in your inventory.
  • Assuming that 2 vibrant energies are collected per memory at level 60, players would make 5,865,000 coins from selling the energies in the Grand Exchange, although this does not take into account receiving enriched memories.
  • When you receive the rewards, it says "But wait, there's more." This is a reference to phrases often found in television infomercials.
  • Some may find it faster, upon reaching level 70, to continue converting vibrant memories, due to the higher likelihood of receiving enriched memories at level 70, compared to the lower likelihood at the higher level divination spot.
  • It is also worth noting that it will be beneficial to recharge the engrammeter once more upon completing this miniquest because it is a recommended item during the quest Fate of the Gods.