Not to be confused with Mahjarrat Transform.
Mahjarrat Transformation
Mahjarrat Transformation emote icon
Release date 17 July 2012 (Update)
Members No
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 15 seconds
Requirements Free:
98 RuneCoins
88 RuneCoins / 9,408 Loyalty points
Mahjarrat Transformation
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The Mahjarrat Transformation emote can be purchased from Solomon's General Store for 98 RuneCoins. (Members get a 10% discount so they pay 88 RuneCoins instead of 98.) As of 3 September, 2013, it was made available for 15,680 loyalty points. When activated, the player transforms into the Mahjarrat Lucien as he appears during the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Chuckling evilly, Lucien places his hand over his face, and when he removes it, his appearance is restored as though he has just taken part in a Ritual of Rejuvenation (as during the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat). Lucien then brandishes the Staff of Armadyl and roars a challenge before disappearing.

Audio options icon
Lucien laughing
Lucien laughing


  • It was originally made available for 15,680 loyalty points. This price was lowered to 9,408 at an unknown date.
  • Players who have not completed While Guthix Sleeps will still see Lucien in his Mahjarrat form despite not seeing it before the quest. According to Mod Seven, "People who have never met him have his image transferred into their minds by those that have by, erm, magic and wizards."[source needed]
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