For the flatpacked version, see Mahogany bookcase (flatpack).

A mahogany bookcase can be built in the bookcase space hotspot of the parlour, quest hall, and study in a player-owned house. It requires level 40 Construction and 3 mahogany planks to build. When built, it earns the player 420 Construction experience.

As with all player-owned house bookcases, most tomes encountered in the course of play, whether it be from quests or NPCs, will appear in a list when the bookcase is searched. For a complete list of books in the game, and whether they will appear in the house collection, see list of books.

Mahogany bookcases are very good experience once players reach level 40 Construction. With bonus experience, players can gain 840 Construction experience per bookcase. This calculates as 280 experience per plank used and 7.38 coins per experience. While building mahogany bookcases provides good experience, building oak larders is slightly cheaper and may be a preferable method to players as a less expensive alternative.

Constructing mahogany bookcases from 40 to 99 Construction, without any experience multipliers, would cost 122,637,931.76. Using bonus experience would reduce the cost to 61,318,965.88.

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