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Mahogany logs detail

Mahogany logs are logs obtained with a Woodcutting level of 50 from mahogany trees, and they yield 125 experience when cut. Players can burn these logs with the Firemaking skill of level 50, gaining 157.5 firemaking experience for lighting, and 170.3 firemaking experience for adding to a bonfire. They can also be made into a Mahogany stock with Fletching.

Mahogany Fire

A mahogany log fire.

Mahogany logs are often made into mahogany planks, either at the sawmill for 1500 coins, using the level 86 lunar spells Plank Make for 1050 coins, or even using a Portable sawmill for 1350 coins. As Mahogany planks, they can be used to make many high level items in construction and yield 140 experience points in construction per plank. Some examples are armchairs, treasure chests, oubliette ladders, levers, and so on. They are also used in conjunction with gold leaf to make items such as gilded benches, opulent tables, gilded 4-posters, and so on.

With the 23 September 2009 woodcutting update, mahogany and teak trees occasionally give special logs which you can sell to the Varrock lumberyard for 3900 coins or exchange two of them for a free cutting of all the mahogany and teak logs in your inventory. See Special mahogany log for more information.


  • Tai Bwo Wannai's Hardwood grove has 4 Mahogany trees and 9 Teak trees. It is suggested players bring about 20k trading sticks, since they will need to pay 100 to enter the grove and up to 270 to pay Rionasta to send a full inventory to the bank. Alternatively, those who have completed the Deadliest Catch quest, may use the bank chest on the shore north-west of Rionasta for free.
  • East Kharazi Jungle south of Shilo Village has 3 Mahogany trees. Start Legend's Quest to begin. This location is not recommended due to being far from a bank.
  • South Ape Atoll has two Mahogany trees and several Teak trees. This area is not recommended due to the dangers associated with Ape Atoll. However, after the completion of Deadliest Catch, a bank deposit box becomes available near the teak trees.
  • Mos Le'Harmless on two small islands, accessed via the large cave containing Cave Horrors, has 2 Mahogany trees and 2 Teak trees, one each per island. Follow the path to the north-east. Not recommended due to monsters and being far from a bank.
  • After the completion of Royal Trouble, the player's subjects on Etceteria can collect mahogany logs if the player desires, but they will not produce any special mahogany logs.


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Making planks

There are several ways to create mahogany planks, one of the fastest methods is outlined below.


  • Mahogany logs (noted)
  • Gold coins (equal to 1500x the number of logs; make sure to pay your servant from your bank, or bring extra gp)



  1. Tell your servant to "un-cert" (which means to "un-note") as many logs as they can (26 if using the Demon butler).
  2. When they come back with the logs, the option to "Send logs to Sawmill" should be clicked.
  3. The first time your servant comes back with planks, accept them. Your inventory should now be full.
  4. Right click your servant and choose "Fetch-from-bank" and then choose the top option (which is to repeat the last task).
  5. The second time your servant comes back, you won't have space for items anymore and your servant will hold onto them.
  6. Repeat step 4-5 until you are out of logs.


Assuming you have done Love Story and are using a Demon butler, these are the costs:

Obtain method Log cost Sawmill cost Servant cost Total cost Profit
Woodcutting 0 1,500 72 1,572 -251
Grand Exchange 300 1,500 72 1,872 -551

Around 4836 Mahogany logs may be converted into planks per hour using this method (186 loads), yielding a profit or loss of -2,664,636 coins per hour. If you have a Mind-controlled monkey butler, the profit/loss becomes -2,316,444 coins per hour, due to the lack of butler payments.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Jungle horror671Common
Mutated jadinko baby937–28Common
Mutated jadinko guard9613–17Common
Mutated jadinko male10013–17Common
Acheron mammoth13520–40Uncommon
Cave horror772–6Uncommon
Cave horror (elite)862–4Uncommon
Corporeal Beast785150Uncommon
Frost dragon1123Uncommon
Unspeakable horror1053–7Uncommon
Unspeakable horror (elite)1123–7Uncommon
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