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Hazeel, the last of the Mahserrat.

The Mahserrat are one of the Dreams of Mah tribes native to Freneskae, created by the Elder God Mah. Their neighbours and competitors were, among others, the Chelon-Mah, Mahkorat, and the Mahjarrat.

According to Bilrach, the Mahserrat decided to forgo the Rituals that the Chelon-Mah and Mahjarrat were also bound to do. As such, they died naturally or were captured for sacrifices by the other races.

While previously thought to be extinct, in the quest Children of Mah, the Mahjarrat Hazeel revealed himself to originally be a Mahserrat. Upon seeing the inevitable destruction of the Mahserrat he decided to separate from the Mahserrat twisting his body by permanently giving him horns.


  • It was speculated that the Mahserrat were the first tribe created by Mah on Freneskae. However, at London Comic Con 2014, this was disproved and the Mahjarrat were announced as Mah's first creations.[source needed]