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Due to an update, this article may be out of date.
Reason: changes with login interface (rs3)
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Not to be confused with RuneScape Lobby.

The current main menu

The Main Menu can be accessed by selecting 'Play Free Now' from the RuneScape homepage. Once it has loaded, the main menu will appear. You can login to the game from the main menu, create a new account, and select various preferences. You can also adjust the volume straight from the main menu.

Old features included a quick switch between Standard Detail and High Detail, toggling the animated background directly from the Main Menu, a small comparison of free and members gameplay, and switching worlds (before the Lobby update).


This is the first option on the main menu. Clicking this option will prompt you to enter your RuneScape username and password, in order to play the game.

Facebook login

Opens a popup window which prompts for one's Facebook login details as an alternative to using the standard login if Facebook is granted access via Facebook Connect.

Recover Your Password

Accessed by typing in at minimum one's username. Opens the appeal page that asks for recovery information.

Create Account Now

Allows account creation directly in the applet.

Music volume slider

Allows for quick music volume change. Located in the upper right-hand corner, indicated by a speaker icon.


Showing the identical graphics options and audio options available in-game, except for the option to toggle the animated backgrounds on or off. Located in the upper right-hand corner, indicated by a wrench icon.


Returns you to the RuneScape homepage. Located in the upper right-hand corner, indicated by an 'X'.


When the Flying Camera option is turned on, the camera will rotate around the following areas:

This seems to have been removed with the RuneScape 3 update.