Male slave chathead

Male slaves can be found working the mines at the Desert Mining Camp. One particular slave, the one who isn't mining, is involved in the Tourist trap quest and provides information on the deeper parts of the camp. The player initially helps him by breaking his chains, then he trades them his his robes for Desert robes and becomes an Escaping slave.

The generic Male slaves (along with Female slaves) complain a lot about being there and about their work. They can be spoken to, but no dialogue pops up and the player will get thrown in jail if done enough times.


While mining they will say certain phrases, complaining about being enslaved. These phrases do not appear in the chat box and are only visible on the main game window. In no particular order the phrases they can say are:

  • "I'm sick of this place."
  • "What I wouldn't give for a good nights rest."
  • "I feel so weak I could faint."


  • The Male slave that the player helps to escape says "Nothing to do but mine all day long.", even though he's presumably escaping.
  • Much of the slave's dialogue matches that of the Meiyerditch miner.
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