Not to be confused with Malevolent armour.
Release date 30 January 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 99
Book Ancient Curses
Drain rate 400 points per minute (1 point per 0.15 seconds)
Effect +12 Attack levels (for accuracy)
+12% Melee damage
+12 Defence levels (for armour)

Drains enemy -6 to -10 Attack levels (for accuracy)
-6 to -10 enemy Defence levels (for armour)
-9% to -15% enemy Melee damage (PvM)
-6% to -10% enemy Melee damage (PvP)

Malevolence is a curse released as a reward from Nex: Angel of Death. It is unlocked by using the praesul codex. It requires level 99 Prayer to activate, the highest in the game alongside Desolation and Affliction.

Malevolence is a boosted version of Turmoil; it boosts the user's Attack level by 12, melee damage by 12%, and Defence level by 12, and drains them from the opponent.

Praesul prayer activation

Malevolence's animation when activated


  • On release, Malevolence was an overhead prayer. This was changed a week later following player feedback. To compensate for being able to be used with deflection curses and Soul Split, its drain rate was increased to 400 prayer points per minute.
  • Malevolence, Desolation, and Affliction share the highest prayer drain rate, 40 times as fast as the slowest draining curse, Protect Item.
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