Malevolent energy detail

Malevolent energy is an item obtained when escaping the Rise of the Six alive. Before leaving the arena it is unstable. It is used to produce Malevolent armour and Bobbleheads. A bobblehead pet requires 250 energy and a Barrows set of the corresponding Barrows brother (with the exception of Akrisae and Linza, as their sets cannot be turned into a pet).

Making the malevolent armour requires 91-93 Smithing along with a certain number of energy and reinforcing plates, the latter bought from Saro in Keldagrim. The full set of malevolent armour requires 84 energy and 6 reinforcing plates. Making the armour from scratch costs 29,277,930 coins.

Malevolent energy can also be used to recharge dyed malevolent armour.

ItemSmithing levelMalevolent energy EnergyReinforcing plate PlatesExperienceCost (energy)
(Total cost)
GE PriceProfitProfit per energy
Malevolent helmMalevolent helm91141500 4,405,758
5,328,381 448,726 32,051.86
Malevolent greavesMalevolent greaves922821,000 8,811,516
10,417,171 657,861 23,495.04
Malevolent cuirassMalevolent cuirass934231,500 13,217,274
15,326,157 687,192 16,361.71
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