Malignius Mortifer is an NPC just north of Port Sarim. He cannot be attacked, and has 4 apprentice wizards, one for each of the traditional elements: an air wizard, water wizard, earth wizard, and a fire wizard, all of which are level 13. Mortifer will often try to raise the dead, but almost always fails and creates fungus, though he never summons fungus thrice in a row. Occasionally, he will summon a skeleton mage or a ghost. Mortifer has no purpose for non-members. If you will annoy him, he will turn you into a mushroom. He is a part of the Swan Song and A Fairy Tale Part I quests.

  • On another note, when he casts his spells, he speaks Latin, say such things as "Da mihi Potentia" or "give me power.", and "Veni, Cohortes Malefici" or "Come, evil troops".
  • If you speak to him after you have completed the Abyss miniquest, he will let on that he is a follower of Zamorak and he will tell you about the burning of the Wizards' Tower. Given that he knows about what you did for the ZMI, he is probably a member of that organisation himself.


Malignius Mortifer is Latin for Deadly Wickedness

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