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Manni the Reveller is one of the councillors of Rellekka. To win his vote players must outdrink him, even if it involves cheating. After the Fremennik Trials quest is finished and players talk to him there is a conversation that ends with him buying the player a drink.

Manni will also ask about someone helping him, with something on the "hush-hush". This is the start of Glorious Memories, but if the player does not meet the requirements, Manni will say he needs someone more heroic.

Manni was also found at the Heimland Games area after completing the 2010 Christmas event, wearing a Santa hat. He challenged Sir Amik Varze to a drinking contest, and he won.


  • After the completion of Glorious Memories, talking to Manni will result in him buying you a beer.
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