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Manor Farm is a farm located north of East Ardougne. Owned by Granny Potterington, it houses several animal pens, a few farming patches, and her house. The north-western corner of the farm is connected to the Mill Road Mill.


Player-owned farm

Main article: Player-owned farm

Manor Farm is the main hub for the player-owned farm. The farm hosts several animal pens where the player can raise and breed livestock.

Farming patches

The northern section of the farm hosts a compost bin, 2 allotment patches, 1 flower patch, and 1 herb patch. Nearby the patches are Kragen, who can be paid to look after the allotments, and a tool leprechaun.


  • Before the release of the player-owned farm, the area of Manor Farm used to accommodate Richard's Farming Shop, a potato field, a wheat field, a cow pen, and a sheep pen.
  • The name of the farm is a reference to George Orwell's 1945 novel, Animal Farm.
  • Manor Farm is a name traditionally given to a farm that was part of a manor in England.