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A single map chunk can be seen loaded on the minimap.

Map chunks, also know as loading zones, are a memory management game mechanic used to load sections of the RuneScape world via a process known as chunking. A map chunk consists of 1502 game squares; an area of 22,500 tiles.

A total of 3,347 map chunks currently exist in RuneScape, excluding instanced zones; a total area of 75,307,500 tiles.

NXT and render distance

NXT handles loading squares differently from the Java client. The Java client only loads the chunk the player is currently in, while NXT loads several more chunks instead but only loads the game world. NPCs and interactable scenery configuration are loaded only within the 150x150 chunk the player is currently on, hence why NXT takes noticeably longer to load locations than the Java client.

Instanced areas

Instanced areas are areas separate from the main game world. When an instance is created, the server duplicates one or multiple chunks and loads them in this area, consisting of an instanced void that counts 73 chunks per server. Instanced areas are used for activities such as bossing and quests.


  • Loading a chunk prompts the mini-map to refresh thus debugging the mini-map memory overflow glitch.