The Crandor map parts are the fragments of the Crandor map, which is needed to complete the Dragon Slayer quest. In all, there are three Crandor Map parts and their appearance and location are not arbitrary in their order.

With all three map parts in the inventory, any two pieces can be used on each other and the three will fuse to form the Crandor map.

Item How to obtain
Map part (1) Map part (1) Located in Melzar's Maze. Locked in a chest at the very end of the maze.
Map part (2) Map part (2) Located in the Dwarven mines. Requires a crayfish cage, silk, an unfired bowl, and a Wizard's mind bomb.
Map part (3) Map part (3) In the hands of Wormbrain, a goblin jailed in the Port Sarim prison. Either costs 10,000 coins or the murder of Wormbrain.
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