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Maple logs are logs obtained from cutting maple trees, which require at least 45 Woodcutting to cut. They give 100 Woodcutting experience when cut. Large quantities of Maple logs can also be obtained from Managing Miscellania.


Maple logs.png Maple logs
Divination-Make-X GE icon.png
10 XP-108
Divination Divination level49
P2P icon.png Members onlyNo
Sparkling energy 1000.pngSparkling energy2309618
Willow logs.pngWillow logs3248744
Total price1,362


Using the Fletching skill allows players to turn maple logs into Ranged weapons. Unstrung shortbows can be made at 50 Fletching, giving 50 experience per bow. Maple stocks can be made at level 54, for 32 experience. Unstrung shieldbows can be made at level 55, giving 58.3 experience per bow. Stringing the bows with a bowstring gives the same amount of experience as making them. Adding a mithril limb to a maple stock grants 64 experience, and makes an unstrung mithril crossbow.

Maple logs can be burned by all players using the Firemaking skill, giving 135 experience at level 45 Firemaking and scaling up to 175 experience on a 5-person bonfire at level 99. Maple log fires stay lit for 3.5 minutes, regardless of the amount of logs added. Maple logs can be burned using Barbarian Firemaking but level 65 Firemaking is required to use this method. Burning maple logs in this fashion gives the same Firemaking experience as burning maple logs with a tinderbox. Maple logs can also be used to make pyre ships and pyre logs. Because of their low price and the moderate experience they provide, maple logs are commonly used for training Firemaking, where one can spend about 10,378,368 coins to get from level 45 to 99 Firemaking. This uses about 96,096 logs or less if practised on bonfires.

Maple logs may be used for Mobilising Armies, giving 17 Investment Credits each.

Maple logs serve a use in the Divination skill where they can be transmuted into yew logs.

Some players will occasionally alchemise the outputs from fletching maple logs. Doing this at current prices would yield a net worth change of -512 coins per maple shieldbow.

Maple logs are frequently disassembled for Simple parts, necessary for making Divine charges. Compared to Acadia logs, frequently used for the same purpose, they are cost effective while giving reasonable parts per hour.


Divination Level Initial resource Energy Result DivinationXP Profit/loss
49 3 Willow logs.png Willow logs 2 Sparkling energy 1.png Sparkling energy 1 Maple logs.png Maple logs 10 -1,254
72 3 Maple logs.png Maple logs 2 Lustrous energy 1.png Lustrous energy 1 Yew logs.png Yew logs 15.2 -567

Price history

A maple log fire.

Prior to the release of the Grand Exchange, maple logs had a street price of about 100 coins each. When the Grand Exchange was introduced, there was an influx of hundreds of thousands of maple logs obtained from Miscellania that were all thrust into the market at once. This massive oversupply caused maple logs to drop to the low price of under 50 coins each.

With the 2 September 2009 personalised shop update, minimum price limits on many items including unstrung maple longbows were removed. Before, players would buy maples at around 36 - 42 coins each and fletch them into unstrung maple longbows. They would then be widely traded as junk with other players, along with other unwanted fletching products. The unstrung longbows were worth 144 coins each, but after the shop update, they fell to 64 coins each. The logs in turn suffered a fall to 28 coins. There is an underlying demand for unstrung maple longbows, as they still have some training value.

The 1st February 2011 free trade update caused the amount of bots to increase, in turn causing the efficiency of gathering logs to decrease per player. This sudden decrease of supply increased the price of maple logs to over 90 coins.

In September 2011, a Bonus XP Weekend was announced and players began selling maple logs, since demand was anticipated. This sudden oversupply caused price decrease, and other players seeing the drop, delayed buying the logs, leading to a lack of demand. As the Bonus XP Weekend would arrive in a few days, players guessed that prices would continue to drop, and they could then buy their logs for less.

With the release of Invention, maple logs rose from 24 coins to 35 coins due to them being a cheap source for simple parts and living components.

Since the release of Invention machines, they rose to 70 GP each.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Spiritual ranger49; 9825Common
Barrel (Viyeldi caves)N/A1Rare
Mort'ton localN/A3–5Rare
Serum 207N/A3–5Rare
Serum 208N/A3–5Rare
Serum 208 flaskN/A3–5Rare
Demon Flash MobN/A200Uncommon
Demon boss200200Uncommon
Ice warrior542Uncommon
Adventurer's chestN/A7Unknown
Mystery box (Court Cases)N/A100Unknown
Magical chestN/A3–10Varies
Premier Club VaultN/A8Varies


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