Marinated jogre bones burning

Jogre bones being burnt

Marinated jogre bones are a quest item that are made by cooking burnt raw pasty jogre bones on a range. They are used in Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, and should be given to Tinsay.

The bones can also be buried or burned with a tinderbox. Marinated jogre bones give 18 Prayer experience each.

If the ingredients are prepared incorrectly, the bad pasty jogre bones will produce bad marinated jogre bones, which cannot be used to complete the quest.


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  • If marinated jogre bones are used with the bone grinder in the Ectofuntus of Port Phasmatys, a message will appear saying, "These bones could break the bone grinder. Perhaps I should find some different bones."
  • When cooking pasty jogre bones on a fire, you will receive the text, "You can't cook that in a fire," even though it cooks the bones into marinated jogre bones.
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