The Marketing Team are a group of people at Jagex responsible for managing the company's marketing and stablishing relations with the exterior world and other companies.


Picture Name Nationality Role
N/A Mod CatFist N/A Digital Product Manager
Mod Luna Mod Luna N/A Senior Marketing Manager
N/A Mod MIC N/A Senior Product Manager
Mod Mac Mod Mac N/A Marketing Manager
Mod Mat K Mod Mat K N/A Product Owner
Mod Sayln Mod Sayln N/A Product Owner
Mod Stone Mod Stone N/A Marketing Manager
Mod Sween Mod Sween N/A Social Media and Marketing Manager
Mod Tink Mod Tink N/A Facilities and Business Support Assistant


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in Left in
N/A Mod Luiz N/A Community Manager 2009[1] 2017
N/A Mod Mikeyy N/A Email Marketing Manager 2017
Mod Scorpio Mod Scorpio N/A Writer 2018


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