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Martin the Master Gardener chathead

Martin the Master Gardener is the leader of the Group of Advanced Gardeners organisation and resides in the Draynor Village market by a pig pen owned by them. He is the starting point for two quests: Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains and Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, as well as being involved in Bringing Home the Bacon. As the master of Farming, Martin sells the Farming skill cape to players who have reached level 99 in Farming for a price of 99,000 coins and he sells the Farming master cape to players who have reached the amount of experience needed for a virtual level 120 in Farming for a price of 120,000 coins.

Pickpocketing Martin

He can be pick-pocketed for seeds at level 38 Thieving. If players fail, he will say Cor blimey, mate! What are ye doing in me pockets?, and they will take a small amount of damage (varies depending on the player's current life points) and be stunned for 5 seconds.

Sometimes, Martin wanders into the pigpen, and the gate is closed by players. This traps him, and restricts his field of movement, thus making him easier to pickpocket. This also prevents the market guards from entering. Players may sell the seeds to Olivia after a certain time passed. In this case, Martin will stay in the pen until he is let out by a player, or a system update occurs. After a certain time, he will respawn outside the pen.[source needed]

Fairy Tale quest series

G.A.G. Pigpen

The pigpen owned by the G.A.G.

During the quest series, players learn that Martin and several other gardeners are part of the Group of Advanced Gardeners. As gardeners, they tend to farming patches, and usually demand payment for their services.

During the quests Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains and Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, Martin features at the start of the quests. In Part 1, he talks about how none of his crops are growing, and requests the player to ask the other farmers why this is the case. After killing Tanglefoot, players will inform Martin that it would be okay to grow his crops.

In Part 2, Martin says that he is surprised that the player came to him after they had "apparently" lied to him about how the crops will grow.

After Part 3, players can unlock the ability to have their patches automatically weeded. In order to do so, they must talk to Martin the Master Gardener about "farming problems and fairies". Then, talk to a gardener at any one of their patches. The farming patches will then remain weed free. To disable it, just talk to any gardener. (When the Fairy Queen teleports the player to Martin near the end of the quest, talking to him ends the quest. Players then have to talk to him again, after the quest rewards, to unlock this ability. If any patch has preexisting weeds, they will have to be removed before this will take effect.)

Thieving rewards

Allotment seeds

Flower seeds

Hop seeds

Bush seeds

Herb seeds

Special seeds


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Farming cape Farming cape Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Farming hood Farming hood Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Farming cape (t) Farming cape (t) Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Farming master cape Farming master cape Infinite 120,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A


  • When speaking to Martin, he asks the player if it was them that was going through his pockets even if their thieving skill is lower than 38.
  • He was supposed to receive a graphical update along with Draynor Village rework, but Jagex confirmed in the FAQ that he looks good so he won't get updated. Despite this, he was updated in the combat beta servers. It was released into the live game on 5 September 2012, well over a year after the Draynor update, although his chathead did not match the new model. On 30 April 2013, Martin's body was updated to match his chathead, removing his beard.
  • When players used to attempt to pick his pockets, the message in the chatbox was displayed as "You attempt to pick the Martin's pocket." This has been fixed.
  • If players select master farmers as a challenge in the noticeboard, thieving Martin will not contribute to this.
  • Martin also says he has 13 children.
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