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Mary chathead

Mary is the maid of Lord Sinclair and his family at Sinclair Mansion. She discovered the master's body when she brought him his dinner.[1] During the investigation, she suspected Frank as she'd heard him arguing with his father.[2] She dislikes the Sinclair Guard dog.[3]

When Anna was arrested and tried for the murder, Mary was called as a witness. She stated that she saw one of the male Sinclairs leave the crime scene and couldn't provide any evidence that proved Anna did the crime.


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  2. ^ Mary, "Murder Mystery", RuneScape. "Oh I don't know... Frank was acting kind of funny... After that big argument him and the Lord had the other day by the beehive... so I guess maybe him..."
  3. ^ Mary, "Murder Mystery", RuneScape. "Oh that horrible dog is always barking at nothing but I don't think I did..."
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