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|update = Achievements & New Paths
|update = Achievements & New Paths
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|members = Yes
|score = 75
|score = 0
|maincategory = Completionist
|maincategory = Completionist
|subcategory = No
|subcategory = No
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tablerow = [[%PAGE%|{{Replace|%%|\(achievement\)|}}]],%%,%%
*Before [[Update:RuneScore HighScores and Patches|an update]] on 10 September 2018, this achievement had 75 RuneScore.

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For the cape, see Master quest cape.

Master Quest Cape is an achievement that requires the player to complete all master quest cape achievements.


Name Description File:Runescore.png
About 'Kin Time Help Mandrith rebuild after 'The Ritual of the Mahjarrat'. 5
Abyssal Reach Unlock access to the Abyss. 10
Advanced Sweeping Fully enchant your broomstick after the 'Swept Away' quest. 15
Aereck's Old Bones Claim ancient bones from Father Aereck after 'The Restless Ghost' quest. 5
Ali the Trader Unlock all Rogue Trader merchandise. 15
All Rise Complete all Court Cases. 50
Angs Off My Ring Return the wedding ring after 'The Light Within'. 15
Annihilator Earn 'the Annihilator' title by fighting all four nihil at once. 20
Any Odd Chicken Claim Professor Oddenstein's extra rewards after the 'Ernest the Chicken'. 5
Ape A'hollow Unblock the hollow log and tunnel shortcut after the 'Fairy Tale III' quest. 15
Arc III - Spiritual Enlightenment Complete the 'Spiritual Enlightenment' miniquest. 10
Arc II - Head of the Family Complete the 'Head of the Family' miniquest. 10
Arc IV - Jed Hunter Complete the 'Jed Hunter' miniquest. 10
Arc IX - Damage Control Complete the 'Damage Control' miniquest. 10
Arc I - Flag Fall Complete the 'Flag Fall' miniquest. 10
Arc VIII - Ghosts from the Past Complete the 'Ghosts from the Past' miniquest. 10
Arc VII - Tuai Leit's Own Complete the 'Tuai Leit's Own' miniquest. 10
Arc VI - Harbinger of Doom Complete the 'Harbinger of Doom' miniquest. 10
Arc V - Eye for an Eye Complete the 'Eye for an Eye' miniquest. 10
Arc X - Final Destination Complete the 'Final Destination' miniquest. 20
Are You Needing Access? Gain access to the secret treasure room from the 'Do No Evil' quest. 10
Arise from the Ash Defeat the phoenix once, after the 'In Pyre Need' quest. 10
Around the World in Six Ways Unlock all hot-air balloon travel routes. 15
As Clear as a Crystal Seed Unlock the Temple of Light teleport after 'Within the Light'. 15
As Taxed as a Yak Gain access to the Contraband Yak Produce shop. 10
Azacorax's Rewards Speak to Azacorax after the 'Rune Memories' quest and gain Magic or Prayer XP. 10
Azdaran Birthright Complete the Azdaran document. 15
Bandos's Memories Recover all 14 of Bandos's memories on Yu'biusk. 15
Bane Tuner Unlock the spell: Tune Bane Ore. 25
Banking History Find all hidden treasures from the 'Making History' quest. 25
Behemoth Notes Find all Behemoth notes. 25
Blinded by Ramarno's Teaching Claim Smithing XP from Ramarno after the 'Defender of Varrock' quest. 10
Bloodstained Treasure Obtain hidden runes from Meiyerditch laboratory and blood altar ruins. 15
Bridge over Fremmy Waters Complete all the unabridged Fremennik Sagas. 15
Brothers Gower Claim the rewards from all three Gower brothers after 'Gower Quest'. 15
Brutal Stuffsies Open Uglug's Stuffsies store by selling him Relicym's balm. 15
Buy and Sell Some XP Claim Thieving XP after the 'Buyers and Cellars' quest. 10
Buying Up Ancient Artefacts Buy an ancient staff after the 'Desert Treasure' quest. 10
Caving into the Gains Claim the XP from the cave paintings and claim 5,000 coins from Explorer Jack in the Land of Snow. 5
Cecilia, I'm Begging You, Please... Tell Sister Cecilia whether to leave or stay after 'One Piercing Note'. 5
Challenge Maria Complete all additional challenges from Maria and unlock all chests in the Gulvas mansion. 35
Challenging Chat Hear Vorago's introduction dialogue. 5
Chilling with Arrav Put Arrav to rest after the 'Ritual of the Mahjarrat' quest. 20
Chippy Transport Unlock the ability to chip teleport tablets to Trollheim. 10
Chivalry is Dead Claim the post-quest rewards from 'The Death of Chivalry'. 10
Chivalry is Fed Restore the cabbage patch after 'The Death of Chivalry'. 10
Chivalry is Threads Unlock Templar and Dulcin armour after 'The Death of Chivalry'. 10
Circus of Fire Unlock the firemaker's outfit from the circus. 5
Claiming Azzanadra's Heart Claim the medium XP lamp from Azzanadra after the 'Heart of Stone' quest. 10
Claiming the Knight's Experience Claim the smithing lamp from Squire Asrol after 'Knight's Sword'. 10
Claus is Rising Claim a reward from Claus after doing him a favour. 10
Clue's in the Monkey Drool Receive the medium clue scroll from a monkey in your backpack. 10
Complete History of Droalak Free Droalak after the 'Making History' quest. 10
Complete Trekky Fully level up all Temple Trekking companions. 40
Cook's Delights Claim the cook's extra rewards after the 'Cook's Assistant'. 5
Count All Light Fingers Fully upgrade the Thieves' Guild. 20
Cower Behind the Chosen Commander Claim the goblin cower shield. 10
Cran Door's Secret Unlocked the secret door between Crandor and Karamja. 10
Daemonology of Celerity Claim the malleus daemoniorum. 10
Daero Take This Experience? Claim the XP reward from Daero following Monkey Madness. 10
Deadlier Catch Hunt the Thalassus until it flees for good. (X/11) 10
Death to the Mahjarrat Discover all the mahjarrat deathstones in Freneskae. 20
Deep and Bloody Experience Claim the XP reward after the 'Blood Runs Deep' quest. 15
Diaries of the Clans Find the clan journal pages from the Hefin Agility Course in Prifddinas. 10
Diary of Oreb Discover and read all five journals of The Magister. 25
Diary of the Gods Find all five God Wars journals 25
Dishonourable Gains Open and claim all XP chests during or after the 'Dishonour among Thieves' quest. 15
Dishonourable Loot Open and claim all loot chests during or after the 'Dishonour among Thieves' quest. 15
Distorted Div Claim the one-time Divination XP from a distorted engrammeter. 10
Do No Elite Claim the elite clue scroll using Ava's alerter from the 'Do No Evil' quest. 10
Do a Minion, Take Notes Complete the Dominion journal. 25
Don't Fear the Ripper Find and read all five miner's journals and the diary of Jebediah Omnis. 25
Dragon Ink Collect the following lore books from bosses inside the Dragonkin Laboratory. 20
Dragonkin Logs Find and read Sakirth, Strisath and Kalibath's journals, and Phalaks' experiment log from adamant dragons. 20
Dusting Murial Cleanse the murals in Brimhaven Dungeon and Mount Firewake and update the Dragonkin Primer. 25
Eastern Adventurer Complete storylines in your Player Owned Port. 0
Eeeeagle! Fully unlock all eagle transport routes. 15
Enough of the Crazy Walking Purchase the Mad Ramblings. 20
Epi Logueque Experience Claim the experience reward and watch the epilogue following the 'While Guthix Sleeps' quest. 15
Experience the Fate of the Gods Claim and use the 'Fate of the Gods' XP lamps from Azzanadra and Wahisietel. 20
Explore for Nestor Find and read the explorer's notes in the Keldagrim library. 10
Family Spirit Tree Reconnect the Prifddinas spirit tree with her brethren. 10
Fires Are Mostly Harmless Light the campfire and find a haul of exotic herbs and herb seeds after the 'Fairy Tale III' quest. 15
For the Love of Mabel Return Mabel's Ring from the 'Love Story' quest, and chop down the guard's tree. 15
Forcae's Mettle Complete Forcae's journal. (X/10) 15
Fred's Shearings Claim 1,940 coins from Fred the Farmer after the 'Sheep Shearer' miniquest. 5
Gift from Sliske Unlock Sliske's gift and the sixth-age circuit upgrade. 15
Goebie Relics Find all Mazcab stone fragments and take them to the ancient statue. 5
Got a Vyre Reputation Unlock the Vyrelord/Vyrelady title and reach maximum reputation with the vyres. 10
Grondabans' legacy Obtain Grondabans' stalker notes from the stalker dungeon. 5
Gunning for Jewellery Engrave all of Dororan's jewellery. 10
Guthix and the Chamber of Secrets Learn about Guthix's core memories in the Hall of Memories. 10
Haul Comes to Templeton Unlock the ability to trade noted artefacts with Simon Templeton. 10
Herbi's Flax Give Herbi Flax's diary to the Varrock apothecary. 10
Here Was a Scabaras Mask Gain access to the secret treasure room from 'Diamond in the Rough'. 5
History of Bilrach Find all Chronicles of Bilrach. 40
I'm Forever Washing Shadows Aid Lord Amlodd in cleansing shadow cores. 10
I Can See For Miles and Miles Unlocked all beacon keepers and fully unlock the beacon map by providing the keepers with macaw pouches. 30
I Dig This Transportation Unlock the Digsite pendant. 10
I Presume These Rewards Are Mine, Death? Claim all rewards from the statue of Death after the 'Missing, Presumed Death' quest. 20
I know, I was there... Obtain personal stories from Edgeville regarding the destruction after 'The Ritual of Mahjarrat'. 5
Ice Ice Chimpy Complete 25 chimp ice deliveries. 25
Icthlarin's Little Chest Loot the chest from the pyramid during or after 'Icthlarin's Little Helper'. 10
Impressing Char Create Char's most treasured symbol in her training cave. 10
Ivan is Flailing Unlock the full power of the Ivandis Flail. 10
Kaiki's Tusks Complete Kaigi's journal. 20
Kal'gerion Notes Find all Kal'gerion notes. 35
Keeping Up with the Carnilleans Claim all XP lamps from Philipe Carnillean. 15
Koschei's Cache Complete the 'Koschei's Troubles' miniquest and unlock all jewel memories. 15
Kudos to You Reach full Kudos with the Varrock Museum. (X/198) 25
Last of the Summer Swine Fully upgrade the pig creation machine after the 'Bringing Home the Bacon' quest. 10
Learning from Mr. Mordaut Claim and use the Divination XP lamp from Mr. Mordaut after the 'One of a Kind' quest. 10
Let us Give Ugthanks Find and read the Ugthanatos journal. 25
Library of Nex Find and read 'The Promised Gift' and 'The Praesul' books from the Nex: Angel of Death encounter. 25
Load of Bakulla Hear the Epic of Bukalla in the Rellekka longhall. 5
Looting the Demon Throne Claim the gems from the demon throne during 'The Golem' quest. 10
Lovingly Crafted Discover and read all five Horror journals. 10
Lurgon's Run Unlock the Dorgesh-kaan food trading minigame. 10
Make Them Bleed Perform well enough in Rush of Blood to impress Morvran. 20
Many Shades of a Cure Permanently cure Razmire Keelgan and Ulsquire Shauncy after the 'Shades of Mort'ton' quest. 10
Marmaros and Thok Letters Find all Marmaros and Thok letters from Daemonheim. 20
Master Bogreman Unlock the Ogre bowman hat. 10
Master Quester Complete all quests. (X/399 Quest Points) 0
Measure of Old Use the Measure to find the four Elder God chronicles. 10
Meeting your Idols Invesigate[sic] an overgrown Karamjan idol to discover an ancient tale. 5
Memoirs of a Mahjarrat Complete the 'Mahjarrat Memories' miniquest. 15
Memories of Guthix Attune and hand all engrams in to the Memorial of Guthix. 20
Met Het Yet? Gain access to the secret treasure room from 'Our Man in the North'. 5
Milky Teeth Give the Tooth Fairy five teeth and claim a tooth creature pet. 10
Miscellaneous Notes Find Misc. Dungeoneering journals 1 through 15. 15
Mixing in Ancient Circles Restore the fairy ring in the Ancient Cavern by planting 5 bittercap mushrooms. 10
My Adze is Bigger than Yours Speak to King Roald with the inferno adze equipped. 25
Myreque in Memoriam Complete construction of the Myreque memorial and help Veliaf to move on. 15
Mysteries of the TokHaar Fully interact and claim all XP from the mysterious statues after the 'One of a Kind' quest. 15
Nano To Kipple, Come In Kipple Claim the Kipple Nano pet. 5
Naturally Muspah Claim the reward lamp from the natural historian after 'The Tale of the Muspah' quest. 10
Nomad's Genesis Complete the 'Tales of Nomad' miniquest. 15
Ocellus Virius Notus Complete History of the Order of the Ascension. (X/22) 20
On a Mission From... The Gods Complete the 'God Emissaries' miniquest. 10
One Final Ride Find and read the Last Riders book, dropped by the King Black Dragon. 20
One Foot in the Grave Attend the funeral of Clarence the mage, and receive your reward. 15
One Man's Junk...Is Mine Fully loot Movario's base. 20
Ornate Crockery Create the big bowl for Tears of Guthix. 10
Otto the Ancient Find all Ancient Cavern pages. 30
Out into the Ourania Unlock the spell: Ourania Teleport. 15
Oyster Mash Feed the giant oyster on Tutorial Island. 5
Paint it Red Uncover the secrets of haemalchemy, after 'River of Blood'. 20
Penny for Your Life Unlock all rewards from the 'Dimension of Disaster' quest. 45
Post Fume Defeat all desert slayer dungeon bosses after 'Smoking Kills'. 20
Potion for a Lady Help Lady Meilyr to retrieve her lost potion recipes. 15
Power of Three Spirits Unlock the ability to grow three spirit trees at once. 10
Quiet but Deadly Lore Defeat the Queen Black Dragon and obtain all four dragonkin journals. 30
Relight my Fire Re-kindle the Dragon Forge. 20
Reliquary of Cithara Claim XP from the Holy Cithara. 10
Respect the Balance Pay respects and light the torches in Guthix's shrine. 15
Roake Kal Decipher all four murals in the sunken temple. 10
Rogue Down Free the Wilderness portal rogue trader. 15
Rusty Reward Take the order to Braindeath and claim the Rusty Anchor's bartender's reward. 15
Scabigail Complete the Scabaras research. 10
Scribbling in the Depths Obtain the hidden rewards after the 'Song from the Depths' quest. 10
Scribblings of a Dragonkin Find 'Vicendithas' Scribblings' located in the Edimmu Resource Dungeon. 25
Sentient Letters Collect all the letters from the Senntisten digsite. 10
Seren Memories Deposit Seren memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove. 20
Shadow Hanging Over Me Claim all treasure from the chests during (or from Gudrik after) the 'A Shadow over Ashdale' quest. 5
Sheep Shearer Complete the 'Sheep Shearer' miniquest. 5
Sing for the Lady Help Lady Ithell with crystal singing research. 10
Skeletal Wishes Complete Rag and Bone Man and Fur 'n Seek wishlists, and have the Odd Old Man rebuild the Skeletal Horror. 15
Slime and Snails and God Wars Tales Complete Tales of the God Wars. 20
Soft Kitty, Purple Kitty Complete the Purple Cat miniquest. 10
Some Old Dusty Journals Find and read the Ancient, Dusty and Weathered Tarddian journals. 20
Squeal for Coins Claim the coins from Yelps' cash bag after fighting him. 15
Stalker Notes Find all Stalker notes. 30
Stay Safe Fully complete the Stronghold of Player Safety. 5
Stay Secure Fully complete the Stronghold of Security. 5
Stealing Sedridor's Stones Fully loot Archmage Sedridor's chest. 20
Summary Spirits Claim the XP from all Wilderness spirit realm portals. 20
Supply and Demand Complete five supply runs after the 'Death Plateau' quest. 10
Tactless Analysis Collect all 22 pages of dragonkin research in the Dragonkin Laboratory. (X/22) 20
Tasty Bobbles Unlock the Tim and Crunchy pets during or after 'Gower Quest'. 15
Tell-Tale Tarn Find out about Tarn Razorlor's secrets. 15
That'll Teach Bill Claim 10,000 coins from Bill Teach after the 'Cabin Fever' quest. 10
The Book of Elei Collect all 22 pages of Elei's Diary in the Temple of Aminishi (X/22)[sic] 20
The History of Slayer Uncover all of the murals inside the Sunken Pyramid. 25
The Many Hands That Write Collect the following lore books from bosses inside the Temple of Aminishi. 20
Three's A Kiln Claim the enhanced fire cape override, by giving a TokHaar-Kal-Ket, TokHaar-Kal-Xil, and TokHaar-Kal-Mej cape to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh. 15
To Ga'al or Not to Ga'al Find TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot. 10
Trials of the Heart Claim the Helmet of Trials. 20
Trickster's Trinkets Discover all the trinkets and restore the old necklace after 'You Are It'. 5
Triple Trouble Unlock the post-quest rewards of Tamayu, Tinsay and Tiadeche. 10
Troublesome Crystals Find all of the memoriam crystals in Prifddinas. 10
Ultimate Codex Claim and read the Codex Ultimatus. 10
Uncorrupted Ore Aid Lady Trahaearn in removing some corruption. 10
Under Croc and Key Gain access to the secret treasure room from 'Crocodile Tears'. 5
Unholy Crafting Unlock the ability to craft unholy symbols. 5
Uzer Master Clear the shortcut path in the Uzer Mastaba. 10
What's Mine Is Also Doric's Complete all of the Doric and Boric tasks. 10
White Knight Rises Achieve the Master White Knight rank. 20
Witch's Potion Complete the 'Witch's Potion' miniquest. 5
Work for Idol Hands Hand in all the demon statuettes from the Lumbridge Catacombs. 10
You're Not My Real Mah Unlock all ten elder chronicle entries. 25
You Be Dead Bury all of the goblin priests in Yu'biusk. 10
You Mistag This Brooch Return Mistag's Brooch and claim a mining helmet after 'The Lost Tribe'. 10
Zarosian Memories Deposit Zarosian memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove. 20


  • Before an update on 10 September 2018, this achievement had 75 RuneScore.
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