Master camouflage legs is an item that can be made by combining the Keldagrim camouflage legs, Prifddinas camouflage legs, and Desert camouflage legs.

When the full set is worn it has the following effects:

  • 7% chance to double pickpocket.
  • 7% chance to avoid being stunned when pickpocketing.
  • Increased chance of Ibis clothing and sceptres in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Increased chance of not being hit by snakes in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Increased chance of passing doors in Pyramid Plunder.
  • offers teleports to thieving locations.
  • Increased chance of Seren symbol piece drops.
  • Auto-pickpocketing to a max of 10 in a row.
Combat Stats
Unknown editNone
NoneLegs slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses
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