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The Master fisher is a non-player character whom players can find inside the Fishing Guild. He is the head of the Fishing Guild.

As the head of the guild, the master fisher watches the entrance to the guild to make sure that only players with at least level 68 in Fishing are allowed to enter. If a player with less than level 68 talks to him, he says: "Hello, I'm afraid only the top fishers are allowed to use our premier fishing facilities." This was added after his graphical rework on 23 March 2010.

The master fisher wears the Fishing cape, and sells this cape to players with level 99 in Fishing for 99,000 coins.

During Deadliest Catch, he directs players to Linza when asked where to find a master smith to make a giant harpoon, and must be pickpocketed to obtain a sea chart.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Fishing cape.png Fishing cape Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Fishing hood.png Fishing hood Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Fishing cape (t).png Fishing cape (t) Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Fishing master cape.png Fishing master cape Infinite 120,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A


  • The Master fisher's cape is shorter than a players fishing cape when they are rewarded it for gaining 99 fishing. This might be a glitch but it is unclear.
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{ "name": "Fishing cape", "stock": "Infinite", "price": "99000", "currency": "coins" } +, { "name": "Fishing hood", "stock": "Infinite", "price": "99000", "currency": "coins" } +, { "name": "Fishing cape (t)", "stock": "Infinite", "price": "99000", "currency": "coins" } +  and { "name": "Fishing master cape", "stock": "Infinite", "price": "120000", "currency": "coins" } +
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