Materials are the parts and components into which items are disassembled in the Invention skill. Materials are subsequently used, sometimes with non-Invention items, to construct inventions. The quantity of each material (except junk) is capped at 100,000 per player. If the player would get a material they already have 100,000 of, then those materials will not be added and the materials are not rerolled.

Materials currently owned may be viewed in the Invention pouch in the Backpack.

Common materials

When disassembling materials, common components are shown as white text and are often found in every item.

Material Level XP Sources[1]
Base parts Base parts 1 25 Bolts, weapons with hilts, shields Full list
Blade parts Blade parts 1 25 Stabbing, slashing and thrown weapons Full list
Clear parts Clear parts 1 25 Gems, glass Full list
Connector parts Connector parts 1 25 Claws, whips, crossbows, hatchets, jewellery Full list
Cover parts Cover parts 1 25 Armour, shields, clothing Full list
Crafted parts Crafted parts 1 30 Summoning scrolls and pouches, spears, arrows, two-handed crossbows, potions, bars, planks, leather Full list
Crystal parts Crystal parts 1 337 Harmonic dust, non-attuned crystal weapons Full list
Deflecting parts Deflecting parts 1 30 Hybrid/melee/magic armour, shields, defenders, halberds Full list
Delicate parts Delicate parts 1 25 Orbs and books, jewellery, potions, glass, gems Full list
Flexible parts Flexible parts 1 30 Whips, bows, Summoning pouches Full list
Head parts Head parts 1 25 Hatchets, battleaxes, blunt weapons, pickaxes, wands, ammunition Full list
Magic parts Magic parts 1 25 Runes, signs and portents, magic weapons, magic armour Full list
Metallic parts Metallic parts 1 30 Swords, knives Full list
Organic parts Organic parts 1 25 Seeds, bones, ashes, food, herbs, potions Full list
Padded parts Padded parts 1 30 Ranged armour, clothing, staves Full list
Plated parts Plated parts 1 30 Mauls, thrown axes, melee armour Full list
Simple parts Simple parts 1 20 Ores, logs, hides, bars, planks, leather, basic weapons and clothing Full list
Smooth parts Smooth parts 1 30 Glass, gems, jewellery, orbs and books, warhammers, maces, battleaxes Full list
Spiked parts Spiked parts 1 30 Daggers, claws, one-handed crossbows, thrown weapons, bolts Full list
Spiritual parts Spiritual parts 1 25 Summoning charms, scrolls and pouches Full list
Stave parts Stave parts 1 25 Arrows, staves, spears, halberds, bows Full list
Tensile parts Tensile parts 1 25 Bows, crossbows, ranged armour Full list

Uncommon materials

Uncommon materials are found the same way as with common materials. However, when a player disassembles an item for an uncommon material, they are highlighted as orange text.

Material Level XP Sources[1]
Dextrous components Dextrous components 1 320 Swords, longswords, maces, shortbows, crossbows Full list
Direct components Direct components 1 320 Spears, battleaxes, pickaxes Full list
Enhancing components Enhancing components 1 300 Orbs and books, potions, glass, jewellery, food, herbs Full list
Ethereal components Ethereal components 1 320 Signs and portents, demonic ashes, orbs and books Full list
Evasive components Evasive components 1 300 Ranged armour, hybrid armour Full list
Healthy components Healthy components 1 300 Food, herbs, potions Full list
Heavy components Heavy components 1 300 Mauls, warhammers, maces, pickaxes Full list
Imbued components Imbued components 1 320 Wands, staves Full list
Light components Light components 1 320 Gems, daggers Full list
Living components Living components 1 320 Food, herbs, seeds, logs, hides Full list
Pious components Pious components 1 300 Bones, ashes Full list
Powerful components Powerful components 1 300 Staves, magic/hybrid armour, Summoning pouches and scrolls, runes Full list
Precious components Precious components 1 300 Jewellery, gems Full list
Precise components Precise components 1 300 Stabbing weapons, bows, arrows, wands Full list
Protective components Protective components 1 300 Armour, shields Full list
Refined components Refined components 22 60 Gizmos, gizmo shells Full list
Sharp components Sharp components 1 300 Slashing weapons, thrown weapons Full list
Strong components Strong components 1 320 Melee armour, shields, hatchets, two-handed swords, warhammers, mauls, shieldbows Full list
Stunning components Stunning components 1 300 Crossbows, bolts, halberds Full list
Subtle components Subtle components 1 320 Defenders, whips, scimitars Full list
Swift components Swift components 1 320 Claws, knives, thrown weapons Full list
Variable components Variable components 1 320 Miscellaneous Full list

Rare materials

Unlike common and uncommon materials, rare materials can only be found through more specific items. Most rare materials have a 100% chance of being obtained when disassembling the appropriate items. Some rare materials require discovery at an Inventor's workbench before they may be used in a gizmo; however, this level is not required to obtain them.

Material Level XP Sources[2]
Ancient components Ancient components 83 3,000 Full list
Armadyl components Armadyl components 74 750 Full list
Ascended components Ascended components 99 2,500 Full list
Avernic components Avernic components 89 2,100 Full list
Bandos components Bandos components 74 750 Full list
Brassican components Brassican components 54 32.5 Full list
Clockwork components Clockwork components 55 750 Full list
Corporeal components Corporeal components 40 1,500 Full list
Culinary components Culinary components 45 30 Full list
Cywir components Cywir components 89 2,100 Full list
Dragonfire components Dragonfire components 49 1,050 Full list
Explosive components Explosive components 49 1,000 Full list
Faceted components Faceted components 55 750 Full list
Fortunate components Fortunate components 54 1,000 Full list
Fungal components Fungal components 54 900 Full list
Harnessed components Harnessed components 45 375 Full list
Ilujankan components Ilujankan components 89 2,100 Full list
Knightly components Knightly components 34 35 Full list
Noxious components Noxious components 99 2,500 Full list
Oceanic components Oceanic components 87 2,100 Full list
Pestiferous components Pestiferous components 40 1,000 Full list
Resilient components Resilient components 87 2,100 Full list
Rumbling components Rumbling components 99 2,500 Full list
Saradomin components Saradomin components 74 750 Full list
Seren components Seren components 83 700 Full list
Shadow components Shadow components 89 2,100 Full list
Shifting components Shifting components 69 750 Full list
Silent components Silent components 87 2,100 Full list
Undead components Undead components 54 2,250 Full list
Zamorak components Zamorak components 74 750 Full list
Zaros components Zaros components 83 1,000 Full list

Other materials

Name Description Disassembly sources
Junk Junk There may be some use to this stuff, somehow? Almost every item that can be disassembled
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