For the cosmetic override, see Outfit of Omens.
Maul of omens detail
Poking Vorago's eye

Vorago's eye poked out with the maul of omens

The maul of omens is an ancient weapon created to defeat Vorago. It is the only weapon that has ever been used to defeat him. As such, Vorago destroyed the maul and stored each piece within his body. The maul is reassembled during fights, and is required to complete them.

It is assembled from three pieces—ancient weapon piece (a), ancient weapon piece (b), ancient weapon handle—dropped during phases 1, 2, and 4 of the fight, respectively. When it is used during the final phase of the fight, a cutscene plays where the player scales up the front of Vorago and smashes him with the maul twice before thrusting it into his eye, causing him to fall off the arena.

When the maul is created, it will prompt the message You have successfully created the Maul of Omens. Wait for the moment of weakness to strike Vorago down! During the final phase, if any piece of the maul is in the inventory, the player holding the piece will receive the message The weapon component comes alive and bleeds you whilst it isn't reformed!, and they will be dealt 100 damage every tick. This damage does not stack with multiple pieces of the maul; i.e. it will always be 100 damage. The effect can be cleared by dropping the piece or creating the maul. If the maul is used before Vorago is pushed far enough, it will prompt the message Nearly there, force Vorago back to finish him off the edge! Unlike most items, if the maul is dropped, it will be visible to all players immediately.

The maul cannot be equipped; instead, the left click option is "Finish him!", and this option is used when Vorago is at the edge of the platform to finish him off. Finishing off Vorago in all 6 weekly rotations is a requirement for hosting a Hard mode instance. Finishing off Vorago in hard mode unlocks different pieces of the Outfit of Omens depending on what the week's rotation is. During TeamSplit week, it will unlock a cosmetic version of the maul itself. During any week, it will unlock the Defeater title. Using the maul of omens to defeat Vorago in either normal mode or hard mode is a requirement for trimming the Completionist cape.


  • The left click option "Finish him!" is a reference to the fighting game Mortal Kombat, used at the end of each battle.
  • Attempting to feed the maul to a baby troll prompts the message, "Your baby troll refuses to be THAT much of a troll."
  • In rare instances, it's possible for a piece of the maul (or even the entire assembled maul) to disappear during the transition from Phase 4 to Phase 5 of the fight. It seems more likely to happen if a piece of the maul is or the maul is dropped as the players are going from the Phase 4 into the Phase 5 arena. Players are advised to assemble the maul before the end of Phase 4 to avoid this bug.
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