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Max chathead
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Max (zombie) chathead

Max is a very skillful man who sells the Max cape. He runs around eastern Varrock performing different skills. He wears a max cape and hoodmalevolent cuirass (shadow), malevolent greaves (shadow), razorback gauntlets, emberkeen boots and a hydrix amulet (although the original news post said he was updated with an amulet of souls, this was incorrect). His combat level is 138, the highest possible for any player.

Max does multiple things which include casting High Level Alchemy, smithing at Horvik's Armour Shop, firemaking and cooking just outside Horvik's shop, spinning clay at the potter's wheels east of Aubury, woodcutting at the Varrock tree patch. He then runs to the Varrock east bank where he either fletches or casts some spells and uses a pestle and mortar. He runs around each of these locations because he is an avid skiller, but when you do manage to catch up to him he will happily sell you a max cape for 2,673,000 coins (99,000 x 27 skills) if you have level 99 in every skill. If a player talks about his cape but do not reach the requirements for it, the 99s still needed will be listed in the chatbox.

Just like a player, he has a follow option and a trade option. However, he does not have the "Req assist" option and instead of the player examine option, he has a NPC examine text. When you trade with Max, although he will accept your request to trade, he will not offer any items nor accept any items and will eventually decline the trade.

Max has a counterpart in Prifddinas, Elen Anterth, a member of the Cadarn Clan, at the Max Guild in the Cadarn district of Prifddinas. Like Max, Elen also sells max capes, both within and outside of the Max Guild. When asked if she knows him, Elen expresses a dislike for Max, finding him quite unfriendly for not stopping to chat with her when she attempts to talk with him, too obsessed with skilling, and not taking enough time to stop and relax as well as to properly enjoy what her city has to offer. Because of his actions and attitude toward the Max Guild, which he considers as a place that offers no gains and that would be a waste, Elen has informed him that he is not welcome in the Max Guild.

New skills


With the release of the Divination skill on 20 August 2013, Max lost his cape and could be found training divination at the wisp colonies around the world, now wearing a TokHaar-Kal-Ket, a pair of Drygore longswords and a Veteran hood (10 year). His examine was also changed to "He's out to master Divination now!". Max levelled up as he trained the skill[1], moving to different spots as he did so. Each world's Max was independent of the others', and thus he could not be found in the same spot on every world. At 10:12 UTC on 30 August 2013, Max achieved level 99, and the message "Achievement iconNews: Max has achieved at least level 99 in all skills!" appeared in the chatbox.


With the release of the Invention skill on 25 January 2016, Max again lost his cape. New dialogue was added in which, when asked about why he wasn't wearing his cape, he mentions that he needed to max Invention before he can wear it again. Max could also be seen disassembling items before gaining his cape back on 16 May 2016.

At New Varrock

During the Dimension of Disaster, he can be found in the East New Varrock Bank. In this dimension, Max is apparently not maxed out of his skills, and is level 3 rather than 138. He is wearing the default outfit and wears to what appears to be the Max hood, however, the gem is uncharged. He doesn't wear his cape due to him being at default stats. Players cannot trade or follow him in this dimension, and he never moves. He will only say "Gaiiiiiins..."

Gower Quest

In Gower Quest, Max appears in the Beta Portal Room in Behind the Scenes, testing out the three new skills in development: Riding, Sailing and Bankstanding. Once the player has gained level 99 in all 3 skills, he hands over the Life altar fragment 3.

Max's activities


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Max cape Max cape Infinite 2,673,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A



  • Max has a Trade option, although when clicking on it, the "Sending trade request." message appears in the game tab, not trade.
  • His name is a play on how all of his skills are "maxed".
  • If you light a fire where he usually lights his, he will train cooking on your fire instead of lighting his own.
  • He appears to wield his Inferno adze when running, though it is invisible.
  • In the BTS Video for The Death of Chivalry, during the Battle of Lumbridge news section near the end, the news box says that Max broke into the Jagex HQ and trained Divination on the test servers.
  • Despite not having 99 in all skills after the release of Divination, Max still wore his hood even though he should technically have been unable to. This was fixed on 29 August 2013 and Max now wears the Veteran hood (10 year). One day after, however, Max got 99 Divination and became able to wear them again.
  • When training Divination at the rifts, Max's combat level is displayed despite his weapons being sheathed. The sheathed weapons should cause a player's Total Level to display, not the combat.
  • Max training Divination was coded by Mod Chris L during his lunch break.[source needed]
  • When passing from Varrock East Bank to the pottery room, and a shooting star happens to be in the way, Max will teleport to the doorway of the pottery room. This proves that if Max is stuck, he will teleport to the next area.
  • Max will open the door of the pottery room if it's closed. This is a rare, and perhaps a unique ability for an NPC.
  • According to Elen Anterth, Max occasionally visits Prifddinas, although he doesn't seem to relax and rarely visits the Max Guild.
  • It was possible to engage Max in combat during the first Evolution of Combat beta. He would fight with a chaotic maul.
  • Before an update on 7 September 2015, Max used to wear a Torva platebodyTorva platelegsCulinaromancer's gloves 10 and Steadfast boots.
  • He lost his cape once again when Invention was released, but kept his old examine.
  • On 22 August 2017, in celebration of the first anniversary of the release of Skilling pets, Max obtained the [Name], Jack of all Trades title, along with a world announcement:
    • Achievement iconNews: Max has unlocked the 'Jack of all Trades' title!
    • With the same update, Max had a random skilling pet following him. Along with the combat pets update on 20 November 2017, he also has all combat pets. Examining the pet reveals that he has 200,000,000 experience in the skill the pet is associated with, which means that Max's total experience is 5,400,000,000.
  • Owning all pets would mean Max has earned the Master of All title, however he still uses Jack of All Trades.


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