May's Quest Caravan

May's Quest Caravan

May's Quest Caravan, also known as the Quest Point Shop[1], is a members-only reward shop run by May, released on 24 September 2018. It can be found near the Champion's Guild, south-east of the Varrock lodestone near the road to Lumbridge.

The shop has three different reward tracks to which players may allocate quest points. Players with a quest point cape will be able to unlock around two and a half reward tracks at one time. Players can change the allocation to another track to gain access to the rewards of that track, but they will lose access to the rewards of the track that they switched from. Players are also able to reset their track progress; however, this can only be done once a week.

Having unspent quest points prompts the following message upon logging in: Visit May's Quest Caravan near Varrock Lodestone to see what you can unlock with your Quest Points.



General rewards are received from May when reaching certain quest point milestones. These are all one-time rewards.

Quest points Reward
  • Second Philipe Carnillean lamp
  • Magical Dice (T1)
  • An extra Slayer block and prefer slot
  • Third Philipe Carnillean lamp
  • Magical Dice (T2)
  • An extra Slayer block and prefer slot
  • Fifth Philipe Carnillean lamp
  • Magical Dice (T3)
  • An extra Slayer block and prefer slot
  • Seventh Philipe Carnillean lamp
  • Magical Dice (T4)
  • An extra Slayer block and prefer slot

Combat Track

Combat Track consists of the Armour of Trials, a hybrid tier 25, 50, or 75 armour set, depending on the player's level. Its special effect is that whenever the player dies in a quest boss, each component of the set will reduce 1% of damage from said boss per death, up to a total of 5% per piece.

Along with the outfit, the player can also unlock Vanquish, a tier 75 weapon which increases damage dealt to quest bosses depending on the player's deaths. Per death, it will grant an extra 5% damage when using the weapon, up to a maximum of 25%.

Unlock Cumulative cost
Bracers of Trials Bracers of Trials 25
Boots of Trials Boots of Trials 50
Helm of Trials Helm of Trials 75
Platelegs of Trials Platelegs of Trials 100
Platebody of Trials Platebody of Trials 125
Vanquish Vanquish 150

Pet Track

Main article: Lorehound (pet)

Pet Track consists of unlocking the Lorehound pet and additional bonuses to it. It can be upgraded to carry around emergency quest supplies, change its appearance, increase area loot range and increasing drop rates for lore books. The benefits of the Lorehound will only work in its normal companion form - overriding familiars will not provide Lorehound perks.

Unlock Cumulative cost Details
Lorehound (pet) icon Lorehound Pet 25 Unlocks the base lorehound pet.
Quest Supplies 50 Lorehound pet can give a rope, a lantern, 2 emergency law runes, and a spade.
Fetch 75 The lorehound can retrieve books from the POH bookcase when in any bank area.
Quest Outfits 100 Unlocks the ability to change the lorehound's outfits. Each outfit has associated quest requirements; Fremennik, Elf, Pirate, Vampyre, Quest, and lorehound.
Loot Range 125 Having the lorehound active increases the range of the area loot by 1 tile (length and width).
Lore Helper 150 Having the lorehound active increases the chance to find certain lore books: Last Riders (One Final Ride), Ripper Demons miner journals (Don't Fear the Ripper), Adamant Dragons (Dragonkin Logs), Monkey clue scroll (Clue's in the Monkey Drool), and Digsite (Sentient Letters).

Hub Track

Hub Track consists of upgrading the quest hub itself.

Unlock Cumulative cost Details
Quest Portal 25 A portal which teleports you to the location of the quest you started most recently
The Adventurer 50 Unlocks the title 'the Adventurer'.
Ring of Quests Ring of Quests 75 A ring that can be used to turn you into quest NPCs.
Adventurer in Training 100 Improved rewards from helping Meg with her adventures; the reward chest will have a chance to roll on the droptable of Wythien's Motherlode shards.
Bank Chest 125 Unlocks the bank chest at May's caravan.
Quest Item Storage 150 Unlocks May's storage box which can be used to store items from quests.

Quest item storage

Below are the items that the chest can currently hold. Items are automatically added to the chest after completing quests, and using them on the chest is unnecessary. Items that are currently in the bank can be dropped or destroyed as well, and will then reappear inside the chest that are listed below.

Interestingly, the storage chest allows players to retrieve items which previously could not be reobtained after quest completion, such as the plague jacket, plague trousers, and demonic sigil, or items which could not be obtained at all on some accounts due to choices made during a quest, such as Carnillean armour. The availability of Hazeel's mark however depends on the choice the player made during the quest.



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  • A full set of quest point armour, along with the spear, needs to be unlocked in order to obtain the 'May or May not be' title.
  • Going to the Dominion tower and using the required items to kill bosses (armour, weapon and Fenton), which, after the death of a boss (it's random), will give some dialogue on the next step, apparently called the whisper.
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