Mazcab guide chathead

Mazcab guides are escorts that will guide humans reputable enough with the Goebies around Mazcab. They can be found in Otot, Kanatah, and at the Nemi Forest entrances. Like Goebie villagers, their name is randomised, appearing as "Ranger [Name]", with each world having its own set of name. After gaining 750 reputation with the Goebies, they can be used as transportion throughout Mazcab and will take you to the Tuska portal and the closest Nemi Forest entrance. At 2,000 reputation they will also allow fast travel to and from the villages.


Names (nickname)
Alexander (Alex)BasilBenjamin (Ben)Bethany (Beth)Billy
CherryChristopher (Chris)CliffordColinCragpole (Craggers)
Danny (Dan)David (Dave)DeanDebrah (Debby)Degland
DenzelDermotDerrickEdward (Eddie)Eileen
FredGabenGarry (Garethson)GeorgeGoebiewan
Harrison (Harry)JamaalJamboJamieJeffrey
JickJoelJohnKenobi (Ken)Kevin
Kyle (Wedge)LiamLolaLouisLump
MarkMaxwell (Max)Melinda (Mel)MelisandreMeryl
Milene (Miley)NiallPabloPaoloPaul
Robert (Rob)Rodger (Rod)RupertSamuel (Sam)Sarah
SashaShauny (Shaun)SherylSimonSpencer (Spence)
Steven (Steve)StodgeStuart (Stu)SusanTantibus
TerranceTheresaTim (Timmy)Timothy (Tim)Toby
TodToebieVince (Vinny)Wallace (Wally)Wayne


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