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Me is a foe encountered during the Dream World segment of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. He/she can only be fought during the quest, and as such cannot be re-encountered in the Dominion Tower.

The design of Me is based off the player, similarly to Foreshadow from Dishonour among Thieves. Me wears full Lunar equipment, with an inverted colour scheme.

Me only attacks the player with the Lunar staff. If runes are brought to cast Magic spells (e.g. Water Wave), Me will not cast the spells, but will just continue to attack the player with the Lunar staff.


This dialogue occurs when fighting Me:

  • Me: Are you me? Am I you?
  • Player: Leave me alone... Me...
  • Me: You do know those clothes make you look fat!
  • Player: How dare you! You know you're so ugly!
  • Me: Call that an attack? Try this on for size!
  • Player: Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!
  • Me: Oooo. Get you! Strong words from such a weed!
  • Player: If I'm a weed what does that make you?
  • Me: Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!
  • Player: Hey! That's my line!
  • Me: Ni!
  • Player: It, it!


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