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Mechanical Murphy is a zombie pirate carpenter in service of Rabid Jack, currently working together with Mi-Gor. He is the third returned follower of Jack known, after Captain Donnie and Mi-Gor. Murphy and Mi-Gor own a factory on Bloodsplatter Isle that produces Barrelchests and zomboats. They are the primary antagonists in A Clockwork Syringe.


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Not much is known of Murphy, seeing that he made his first appearance in A Clockwork Syringe. Nothing is known of his previous work for Rabid Jack, nor how he died or any involvement in the Battle of the Archipelago.

Current activities

Attack on Mos Le'Harmless

During A Clockwork Syringe, it is discovered that the factory on Bloodsplatter is being used by Mi-Gor and Murphy to create large amounts of Mk II Barrelchests, which are improved versions of the barrelchest fought during The Great Brain Robbery, as well as undead pirates, such as sado-machinists and attendeads. Rabid Jack has teamed them up, for Mi-Gor is an expert in surgery and Murphy can do the construction work. One such barrelchest is sent to the player's house to assassinate them, but was defeated by the player and reduced to a head. The two were planning to use a huge fleet of zomboats to lay siege to the pirate island of Mos Le'Harmless for Rabid Jack. However, during the quest, the boats are brought to a sinking, along with Murphy and his companion. They swear vengeance and are likely not defeated.

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