Meerkat chathead

Meerkats are level 4 Summoning familiars used in Treasure Trails.


Meerkats pouch


A meerkats pouch is received as a reward from a Treasure Trail and may not be made by players. It can be obtained from completing a clue scroll of any level and requires a Summoning level of 4 to summon, expending 1 Summoning point. As this pouch cannot be created by players, it cannot be exchanged for shards from Bogrog.

Fetch casket scroll

Fetch Casket

Meerkats, performing the 'dig' action.


The fetch casket scroll is the associated special move scroll for the meerkats familiar. The scrolls may only be obtained as a reward item from a Treasure Trail and cannot be made by using a meerkats pouch on an obelisk. Activating a scroll triggers the "Fetch Casket" special move: the meerkats will dig for a coordinate, compass, or scan clue without causing a Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak wizard to appear.



  • Meerkats are the only Summoning familiars that are summoned in pairs or multiples.
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