Meg's cases is part of the Mega May event which takes place throughout May 2016. Players assist Meg with her new detective agency by investigating a set of cases. A single case is unlocked each day and can be tackled at any time thereafter until the end of the event. Each case completed will reward a Small XP lamp, and further rewards can be earned after completing a certain number of cases.


Missing Pet Cases

Clive's Runaway Rabbit

Clive's pet bunny Bouncy has escaped. Help to recapture him before he destroys the palace!

In this case, players must find Clive's missing rabbit, Bouncy. The entirety of this case takes place on the ground floor of Varrock Palace.

  • Start by talking to Clive in the palace. Clive will point out that the rabbit loves to chew books in the library.
  • Search a bookcase in the library to learn that Bouncy has chewed on a book about carrots and there is a trail leading back to Clive.
  • Continue by talking to Sir Prysin to learn that Bouncy left to the throne room.
  • In the throne room, investigate any of the wall standards in the western side of the room. The check list will not update until you search the dining room after doing this.
  • Investigate the northeast table in the dining room to discover that Bouncy has passed through here.
  • Search the larder in the kitchen, where you will find Bouncy.
  • Return to Clive to complete the case.

Missing People Cases

The Eastern Mystery - Part 1

Skippy has gone missing. Go and investigate what might have happened to him south-east of Rimmington.

In this case the player travels to Rimmington to investigate what may have happened to Skippy. The entirety of this case takes place near the southeast shores of Rimmington, near the Customs Sergeant building. Three items appear on the ground but do not appear on the minimap as red dots.

  • Investigate the boot near the shore, south of the Customs Sergeant.
  • Investigate the vial, east of the Customs Sergeant building, northeast of the boot.
  • Investigate the coin northeast of the vial.
  • Once all three items have been investigated, the case is complete.

Upcoming cases

The Eastern Mystery - Part 2

Ned's best rope has gone missing. Go and talk to Ned in Draynor Village to investigate.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 3

Luthas's banana plantation has been targeted by thieves. Go and talk to Luthas on Karamja to investigate.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 4

Rommik's reported some of his fabric missing. Go and talk to him in his shop in Rimmington to investigate.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 5

Thurgo's steel nails have been stolen. Go and talk to Thurgo south of Port Sarim to investigate.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 6

Some sheep have gone missing near the Makeover Mage. Go and talk to the Makeover Mage, south-west of Falador, to investigate.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 7

Anja and Hengel have gone missing from their house in Rimmington. Go and investigate the biggest house in the north-east corner of Rimmington.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 8

A Trader Crewmember has gone missing in Karamja. Go and talk to the other Trader Crewmember on the north-east pier of Karamja.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 9

Thurgo sends word that a suspicious looking ship is moving from its mooring near Crandor towards Karamja. Go and investigate the ship to the north-east of Karamja.

The Eastern Mystery - Part 10

Trader Stan reports theft of a ship. Go and talk to Trader Stan in Port Sarim to investigate.

Robber from the Darkness - Part 1

Thessalia's shop has been burgled. Some fabric and clothes have been taken.

Robber from the Darkness - Part 2

The robber has struck again! Aggie the witch has had some of her dyes taken.

Robber from the Darkness - Part 3

Another person has been robbed. The Varrock general store has had some items stolen.

Robber from the Darkness - Part 4

Another person has been robbed by the robber from the darkness. Gypsy Aris reports theft of a crystal ball.

Robber from the Darkness - Part 5

The robber is still at large. The Apothecary in Varrock had empty vials stolen.

Robber from the Darkness - Part 6

A robber is now stealing people! Major Mary Rancour has gone missing.

One Small Theft

Hild's supply of runes have been stolen, she has her suspicions and wishes to discuss them.

Mandrith's Lost Statue

Mandrith has lost his prized ancient statuette while training in the Edgeville dungeon.

Brassica Crime

The Milk Seller at the farm south of Falador has reported crops going missing.

Tegid's Slippery Soap

Tegid has reported that his bar of soap has repeatedly gone missing and re-appeared. He wants us to at least make sure he's not going mad.

Will Dee Abandoned

Will Dee's friends went to explore the Varrock Sewers and haven't returned. Will is getting worried.

Dommik Reports Sally Missing

Dommik was extremely upset about losing Sally. He has requested urgent assistance to find her as soon as possible.

Louie Legs' Lost Plate...bodies?

Louie Legs has been considering diversifying his business by selling platebodies as well as platelegs. His first shipment has gone missing.

Dragon Disaster

Roddeck has been keeping a pet dragon for a number of years, only now it has managed to find its way out of his basement. Find it as soon as possible!

Jewel Thief

There have been some thefts from the jewellery store in Falador. Go and speak to the shop keeper to find out more.

Charlie's Missing Sleeping Bag

Charlie the tramp in Varrock has lost his sleeping bag. He says he's had it for 13 years and doesn't know where to find another one.

Turoth Reports Theft of a Sock

A Turoth reports theft of a sock. Go and speak to the Turoth in Draynor Sewer to investigate.

Hari's Missing Hatchet

After years of helping out adventurers without hatchets by lending his spare, someone has taken Hari's spare hatchet and hasn't returned it.


There is no case info today. Go and check with Meg in Player Owned Ports why that is.


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Some rewards from Meg's cases


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