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Mega Duck is a mallard who has received too many breadcrumbs, becoming massive in the process. He is created when a drake in Falador Park or Lumbridge is fed 21 breadcrumbs within 20 seconds.

By attacking him, he can be lured anywhere in the game that is not blocked by physical boundaries, and if brought to the ocean by Mobilising Armies, he swims off into the sunset with another gigantic duck, Mrs Duck. Luring Mega Duck to Mrs Duck also gives a 1 in 20 chance of receiving the Mega ducklings pet.[1]

He has an extremely high number of life points and uses weak melee attacks. As his life points are reduced, his Defence rises significantly, and at under 1,000 LP, all attacks will deal one point of damage.

Tips for hunting pet

  • Only one Mega Duck can be spawned per world.
  • To be eligible for the pet only requires hitting it once. If not trapping, luring, or feeding the duck, players can simply wait by Mobilising Armies.
  • You cannot feed the drake when adjacent to it. Stay at least one square away or diagonal to the drake.
  • Do not walk or run through trappers, as this will allow the drake to move though the square they are on. If this happens, trappers should move off the square and back on to reset it.
  • Keep trappers and runners to a minimum to avoid chaos.
  • If the drake is trapped such that it cannot move, it may teleport. Try to leave it at least two spaces to wander in.
  • The drake cannot wander past the south edge of the bridge, thus the two squares southeast of the bridge and next to the pond is a good spot to trap it.
  • If trapping the drake in the spot mentioned above, it helps to direct non-trappers to stand on the red flowers to the south. This way, they do not interfere with the trappers and can still feed the duck.
  • The runner should use Provoke to lure the Mega Duck.
  • Runners should make use of energy restoration such as the Oo'glog salt-water spring, tireless run scrolls, super energy potions, or mint cakes.
  • Use low level weapons to avoid killing the Mega Duck.
  • Balanced Strike can be used to heal the Mega Duck.


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