For the NPC in player-owned ports, see Meg.

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Megan (Party Room) chathead

Megan can be found upstairs in the Falador Party Room. She will dance with the player upon request or serve beer. She wears the discontinued red partyhat, similar to the hat worn by Party Pete.

During Party Pete's court case, Megan is one of the witnesses the player has to interrogate. At the crime scene in the viewing orb, Megan appears as the Frozen barmaid.

Megan also played a role in Cryptic Clue Fest II on the third day, requiring players bring her six fire runes and three bones. She would then give the player information regarding the next day's clue and a magnifying glass if the player did not obtain one as a reward for the original Clue Fest the previous year.


  • Megan is one of the few NPCs to mention the toilet. She says she went to the loo during a court case, if you are defending.

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