For potions from Lady Meilyr's recipe shop, see combination potion.
Meilyr potion detail

The Meilyr potion is a potion created during the quest Plague's End. It is created by using a ground red Isafdar mushroom and a ground blue Isafdar mushroom with a super defence potion. Both mushrooms can be found throughout Isafdar. There are red mushrooms outside the Lletya gate and blue mushrooms by the lodestone, or the Isafdar hunter area has them both.

When consumed at Daemonheim, a portal will appear inside the main hall of the castle that will take the player to the hiding place of Lady Meilyr.

Meilyr portal

The portal that appears after drinking the potion.

This potion can only be made during the quest, as the ingredients become unobtainable afterwards.

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