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Meiyerditch citizen (male) chathead
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|image = Meiyerditch citizen (female) |release = 4 September 2006 |update = Myreque Pt III - Darkness of Hallowvale |race = Human |members = Yes |quest = Darkness of Hallowvale |location = Meiyerditch |shop = No |gender = Female |map = no |examine = This citizen looks pale, tired and old! }}

Meiyerditch citizen chathead

Meiyerditch citizen is a general term applied to many non-player character residents of Meiyerditch. They have white skin and hair and are seen throughout Meiyerditch. Meiyerditch citizens are forced to give blood tithes or do menial work for the vampyres who dominate the Sanguinesti region of south-eastern Morytania.

If spoken to, Meiyerditch citizens can help players by sharing what they know of The Myreque, explaining the nature of the ghetto city, or sharing their knowledge about what sector of the city the player is currently in.

Players need to talk to a Citizen during Darkness of Hallowvale to find the way to the Myreque headquarters in Meiyerditch. During the quest players need to whisper to them about the Myreque and then be guided to Old Man Ral.

If you look at the citizen's chathead, they have bite marks on their necks and blood running from their nose, and their skin is pale white. This is because the citizens get tithed so much, causing large amounts of blood loss.


  • If you go behind a citizen and talk to them, instead of what they would usually say they will instead say "Hey, don't sneak up on me like that!"
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