Meiyerditch mine
Meiyerditch mine
Release date 4 September 2006 (Update)
Location North-west Meiyerditch
Members Yes
Rocks Daeyalt rocks
Monsters No
Requirements Darkness of Hallowvale
Main music None
Meiyerditch mine map

Meiyerditch mine is a mine located within the city of Meiyerditch. It is the only mine that has daeyalt rocks, which contain daeyalt ore inside them. It can be reached through an unmarked entrance in the north-east corner of Meiyerditch. At some point in time, the Stone of Jas was here, as it is the source of daeyalt ore.[1]

Before The Branches of Darkmeyer is complete, players are sent here if they refuse to give a blood tithe to a Vyrewatch in Meiyerditch. Once in the mine, a player must mine 15 ores before the Juvinate guards allow the player to leave. When players leave the mine, they appear in the north-west corner of Meiyerditch. The mine is filled with human slaves who cannot mine enough ore to leave, and therefore are trapped there indefinitely.

After River of Blood, there are no more Juvinate guards in the mine. The miners are also now there voluntary, and can be spoken to to leave. Castle Drakan can be accessed through use of a mine cart in the south-west corner of the mine.

Meiyerditch mine entrance old

Likely where the Vyrewatch used to fly in and out of the mine

Meiyerditch mine entrance map

The entrance to the Meiyerditch mine


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