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{{See also|Free-to-play}}
{{See also|Free-to-play}}
'''Members''', '''pay-to-play''' or '''P2P''', are players who have paid subscriptions to have access to the full version of ''[[RuneScape]]''. The pay-to-play version of ''RuneScape'' was first [[Update:Premium RuneScape service coming soon!|announced]] on [[4 October]] [[2001]], and [[Update:Latest RuneScape News (27 February 2002)|fully instated]] on [[27 February]] [[2002]].
'''Members''', '''pay-to-play''' or '''P2P''', are players who have paid [[Membership subscription|subscriptions]] to have access to the full version of ''[[RuneScape]]''. The pay-to-play version of ''RuneScape'' was first [[Update:Premium RuneScape service coming soon!|announced]] on [[4 October]] [[2001]], and [[Update:Latest RuneScape News (27 February 2002)|fully instated]] on [[27 February]] [[2002]].
''[[Jagex]], ''the company that owns ''RuneScape'', introduced Membership as a way to cover the vast majority of the costs of ''RuneScape'', such as in-game updates, extra staffing, server hosting, etc. As a benefit, members have many more privileges and usable features in the game and on the ''RuneScape'' website.
''[[Jagex]], ''the company that owns ''RuneScape'', introduced Membership as a way to cover the vast majority of the costs of ''RuneScape'', such as in-game updates, extra staffing, server hosting, etc. As a benefit, members have many more privileges and usable features in the game and on the ''RuneScape'' website.

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Members, pay-to-play or P2P, are players who have paid subscriptions to have access to the full version of RuneScape. The pay-to-play version of RuneScape was first announced on 4 October 2001, and fully instated on 27 February 2002.

Jagex, the company that owns RuneScape, introduced Membership as a way to cover the vast majority of the costs of RuneScape, such as in-game updates, extra staffing, server hosting, etc. As a benefit, members have many more privileges and usable features in the game and on the RuneScape website.

Many people's critiques of the game are due solely to the limitations of a non-member in the game, specifically at a higher level as content and areas becomes repetitive and dull. However, a large proportion of the community do not see this as an issue, arguing that free players aren't entitled to the same benefits as paying customers.


File:Member star.png
The new 'member icon', as used on the forums to indicate membership status.

See Membership subscription for payment options

In order to become a member and access the pay-to-play version of RuneScape, players must first have a subscription. When players subscribe, they receive members credit which allows them to access the pay-to-play version of RuneScape. When you start a subscription by credit card, it will be paid monthly. Subscriptions through different payment methods may have varying lengths, although there is a minimum length of one month. Jagex is affiliated with several payment providers, each providing different subscription payment methods and prices. Different payment methods require different information to be given during a secure payment process.

Extra features

Magic carpet

A player using the magic carpet transportation method.

Membership unlocks many features of RuneScape that are not available to free players: almost all recent updates to RuneScape have been for members, with the exception of a few major updates in the past months. There are very few quests available to free players, while new quests available to members are added at a rate of one or two a month. This is a condensed list of features unlocked with membership below:
  • Ability to change character names.
  • Nine extra skills, as well as more capabilities in free-to-play skills.
  • Ability to purchase skill capes when achieving level 99 (and 120 in Dungeoneering's case) in a skill.
  • Higher capabilities in other skills.
  • Use of several transportation systems.
  • Much larger explorable area.
  • More accessible servers. (members can access free-to-play worlds and pay-to-play worlds, although they cannot access most members only features in free-to-play worlds)
  • More Activities, such as Pest Control, Soul Wars, and Stealing Creation.
  • Ability to do Distractions and Diversions, such as Treasure Trails, Penguin Hide and Seek and Evil Trees
  • Better (and a more varied range of) equipment, such as Dragon, Barrows, Bandos, Crystal etc. weapons and armour.
  • More bank space. (Non-members have only 68 (78 if giving your email) bank spaces while members have 468)
  • More space for Grand Exchange offers (non-members have only 2 spaces and members have all 6).
  • Members can create their own house using the POH system along with the Construction skill.
  • A huge amount of members-only items.
  • Many more quests.
  • No advertisements above the game.
  • More music and sound effects.
  • A few more emotes such as air guitar (requires 500 unlocked songs), Faint (requires the completion of the mime Court Case) and Taskmaster (requires all tasks to be completed in the Task system).
  • Ability to post on the RuneScape Official Forums regardless of their character's level/experience. (The only non-members who can post on the forums are those with at least 2.5 million XP total or have an overall skill total exceeding or equal to 350)
  • More efficient ways to make money.
  • The ability to access fullscreen mode on the main screen.
  • The ability to take a photo using the Photo Booth feature for use on the forums as an avatar.
  • The ability to fight many high level bosses like the King Black Dragon and more.
  • The ability to fight a wide variety of other monsters, ranging from Yaks, which are good training, to Dragons, which drop items such as Dragon bones that sell for a lot on the Grand Exchange.
  • The unique ability of owning a pet.
  • Access to the Members Loyalty Programme to gain extra features such as Auras, Emotes and Outfits.
  • Clan citadels

These benefits will only be available if the member logs onto a members server. If a members-only item is on a non-members server it will not be usable. The name of the items is replaced with "Members object" and the examine will be changed to "Login to a members server to use this." until you've gone back to a Members' server (however, if you go to a free server whilst wearing members-only armour, it will not be unequipped).

Although if you go onto a free server while membership is activated, the bank space will still be increased beyond the normal free limit, and you may still place things in even if there isn't one already in there. Fullscreen mode is also available on free servers while membership is activated.

Members-only skills

Currently there are 9 skills in RuneScape that are only available to members out of a total of 25 skills. The members-only skills are listed in alphabetical order below:

File:Obelisk Recharge.gif

There are many benefits upon unlocking these skills. Many members quests have members skill requirements. Agility allows run energy to recharge faster, allows players to run for longer amounts of time, and allows entry to certain areas and use of many shortcuts. With Construction, players can build their own player-owned house. Farming allows players to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and trees that only they will be able to cut. Herblore lets players make potions to aid them in combat and the training of other skills. Hunter is a great money maker, and items from it help train several other skills. Thieving allows entry into certain areas as well as being an easy money source. Slayer unlocks new monsters and items, as well as the Magic Dart spell, Broad-tipped bolts, and Broad arrows. Summoning allows members to summon helpful beasts that can aid the player by holding items, boosting stats, helping in combat, among other abilities. It also allows members to achieve a maximum combat level of 138.

Members-only areas

Free players have very limited access to the world of RuneScape. Free players can only access the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin, the north-eastern most point of Karamja, and most of the Wilderness. Instant Demo players can only access the kingdom of Misthalin which has extremely limited access. Membership allows full access to the entire world.

Here is a list of some, but not all of the lands reserved for members:

Hallowvale Jumping

A player navigating through Meiyerditch.

Spirit tree

A player using a Spirit tree to teleport.


Isafdar, land of the elves


A player playing an Enchanted lyre, to teleport to Rellekka.


Most of the activities in RuneScape are members only. Activities are interactive competitions between players and usually require or involve cooperation and communication. However, some activities are just for players to play on their own. Activities can also be good methods to gain experience in combat or non-combat skills, or to just invoke fun competition. Activities are arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of RuneScape, and a common reason that impel many to become Members as most of them are restricted to members. Random events can also be considered a form of a activity, however, as given by their name, they are completely random and so the player cannot choose when to "play".

Here is an alphabetical list of the currently available members-only activities, along with a short explanation:

Stealing Creation Hunter

A player playing Stealing Creation.

  • Burthorpe Games Room - A room where players can compete in various board games.
  • Castle Wars - An extremely popular competitive game of combat Capture the Flag, in which two teams infiltrate each the enemy castle and fight to score. Tickets rewarded to the winners can be exchanged for decorative Castle Wars armour and capes. Complicated strategy and tactics have been developed as well!
  • Champion Challenge - Engage the titans of eight different races of monsters in special rules battles! If you defeat them all, you can face the gnome champion!
  • Conquest - A turn-based strategy game where two players command a squad of Void Knights and try to eliminate their opponent.
  • Duel Tournaments - Members can head under the Duel Arena to compete for millions of coins in tournaments.
  • Fishing Trawler - An interesting fishing activity in which players sail along the sea trying to keep a leaking ship afloat while they fix their net and catch some fish! Rewards are fish up to your fishing level, so the higher the better!
  • Gnome Ball - A challenging Agility activity where players try to pass and charge with a small ball towards a hoop to score a goal, while defending gnomes attempt to tackle them before they can throw it. Players earn both Agility and Ranging experience if they're successful!
  • Gnome Restaurant - Players try their hand at delivering food to hungry customers in record speed! A variety of unique items and other rewards are available.
  • Mage Arena - Learn the legendary God Spells and earn your God Cape and God Staff! These spells are powerful additions to any magic user's arsenal.
  • Mage Training Arena - One of the fastest ways to earn Magic experience; the Arena offers four different activities each involving a different type of magic. If you are successful in these games, you can earn Pizzazz points to exchange for runes or the valued Infinity Robes!
  • Pest Control - This immensely popular team combat activity involves protecting the vulnerable Void Knight while you fight incoming monsters. Commendation Points which can be exchanged for experience in any combat skill as well as a selection of items are rewarded to successful teams.
  • Pyramid Plunder - A source of extremely fast Thieving experience. Combat is interestingly integrated into the game.
  • Ranging guild activities - A fast way to train Ranging which can even be profitable! Players can even exchange tickets earned as rewards for coveted rune arrows.
  • Rat Pits - Players can train their cats to be a fierce hellcat or a clever Wily cat in these arenas of battle between cat and mouse, then show off their fully trained cats to their friends!
Juggling balls

A player juggling balls, in Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza.

  • Rogue's Den - Players show their deft abilities as they navigate this tricky maze filled with traps and obstacles. Fail and be teleported out! Depending on success, players earn fair amounts of Agility and Thieving experience as well as Rogue Armour displaying their skill.
  • Shades of Mort'ton - Build up a temple and defend it from attacking evil spirits! One of the best ways to train Crafting, a good source of Firemaking experience, or a good way for players to test their prowess in combat and see how long they can last against the shades while they train up their combat skills! Shades of Mort'ton quest must be completed before you can play this activity.
  • Sorceress's Garden - Players attempt to sneak around watchful elementals guarding their gardens to get the a Sq'irk Tree to pick Sq'irk fruits. If caught, they are teleported out! Excellent Thieving experience.
  • Soul Wars - A challenging activity where you kill avatars with your team. Rewards combat experience and pets.
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup - Help clean up the village of Tai Bwo Wannai. Beware, as players may encounter dangerous Bush Snakes and Broodoo victims! Players earn the village currency of trading sticks for a reward.
  • Tears of Guthix - Collect the tears of the God of Balance in a sacred cave guarded by his faithful snake servant Juna. The tears give the best reward of all - experience in the players' worst skill.
  • Temple Trekking - Escort citizens through the dangerous Mort Myre Swamp in Morytania to a temple on the River Salve. If successful, players earn tokens exchangeable for a random reward, including resources such as herbs or ores, or tomes exchangeable for experience in specific skills!
  • Treasure Trail - Players follow cryptic clues on wild chases to valuable rewards. Rewards include runes, God pages, Ornamental armour, Rune god armour, Third age armour, and others.
  • Trouble Brewing - Two teams compete as each try to brew the most bottles of rum! Experience in a variety of skills can be earned for performing the many complicated tasks needed in the process of rum production.
  • TzHaar Fight Cave - Players fight alone against an army of Tzhaar monsters! If they can withstand the masses, and defeat the dreaded TzTok-Jad, the third most powerful monster in the game, they can earn the coveted Fire cape! Winners as well as less fortunate participants earn varied amounts of the Tzhaar currency of Tokkul.
  • TzHaar Fight Pit - Players are thrown into pits where they fight an every-man-for-himself battle to the death! Deadly alliances and betrayals are all a part of the game. Tokkul is rewarded to the winner of each round

It's highly recommended that if a Member were to ever be bored or not happy with the current Membership, they should at least try out various activities just for the fun of it.

Unlockable capabilities in skills

Free players are limited in their access to the skills available in Runescape. Since areas and training methods are also limited, it can be difficult for free players to obtain high levels in much of the free-to-play skills. Free players cannot use members items for combat and cannot use some of the abilities or items reached at higher levels in the free skills. Many guilds are also located in members only areas. Membership brings full access to not only several members skills, but also the free skills. It also gives special attacks to specific weaponry.

Here is a list of some capabilities in free skills available to only members:

  • Mining
    • Access to Coal Trucks for faster coal mining
    • Ability to mine pure essence at level 30 (also requires completion of Rune Mysteries quest)
    • Ability to mine sandstone at level 35, good for powermining
    • Ability to mine gem rocks in Shilo Village at level 40
    • Ability to mine granite at level 45, good for powermining
    • Access to dozens of new mining spots
    • Ability to mine living rock remains at level 73 for very good and fast profit
    • Access to more runite mining spots
  • Dungeoneering
    • Ability to enter Occult floors 36-47 at levels 71-93.
    • Ability to enter Warped floors 48-60 at levels 95-119.
    • Ability to defeat stronger, more vicious enemies like Yk'Lagor the Thunderous, and Kal'Ger the Warmonger.
    • Ability to equip Tier 6-11 weapons and armours.
    • Ability to have Class Customisation in Ring of Kinship.
    • Stronger enemies meaning more XP from them, and no 50% XP reducer. (not all bosses will be above your combat level, but its better than a F2P)
    • Ability to use the various members only skills inside the dungeons.
    • Access to more Resource Dungeons, such as the Al-Kharid Resource Dungeon that contains lots of crafting rocks.
    • Use of the final two Fremennik sagas.

Members-only quests

The vast majority of quests in RuneScape are restricted to members. These quests unlock many important features, new areas, various transportation systems, and many new skills. There are currently 19 free-to-play quests, 140 members-only quests and 1 tutorial quest. A complete list of members quests is found here.

Some quests granting useful abilities are listed below:

Low difficulty

Dwarf cannon

A Members-only ranged weapon, the Dwarf multicannon.

Medium difficulty

These quests are highly recommended to finish, as this allows access to a larger variety of weaponry and armour and just as important, faster and easier transportation.

High difficulty

Task System

When you become a member, some of the first things you should do are the "Easy" parts of the Task System. The rewards are listed below:

Extra servers

Members can access and log into servers reserved for the pay-to-play version of RuneScape. If members wish to, they may also log into free-to-play worlds, although on these servers they can't use any in-game features that are accessible only in pay-to-play worlds. There are 86 members-only worlds out of a total of 171 worlds.

Additional website features

Players who opt for pay-to-play are given access to a few sections of the RuneScape website that are unavailable to free players. :

  • The forums - Free players may use the official forums if they have more than 2.5 million xp or a skill total of 350+. This makes it more difficult to use a valuable method of communication, which can limit contact with other players in the Marketplace, Game, RS-Classic, and Community forum sections for trading, clan recruitment, clan discussion, game discussion, or other reasons, as well as removing the only easy way to contact Jagex: the Support section of the forums, which allows for suggestion of updates, rants, complaints and feedback.
  • The Adventurer's Log
  • The Hiscores (Previously members and free players could use this.)

Membership strategy

In order to save money, some players will pay for a few months of membership and then cancel or end payments. Before becoming a member, they will prepare for the new features by obtaining items that will allow them to quickly train members only skills and do members only quests. After they have completed their desired goals, they will cancel their membership and begin preparation again. While most members do not choose to switch like this, it is a good idea to obtain items that new members will need in large amounts before beginning membership.

Soon-to-be member checklist:

  • Regular, oak, and willow logs to quickly train Fletching.
  • Food such as cakes or lobsters to train Agility quickly.
  • Vials and secondary ingredients for Herblore.
  • Coal and other ores to take advantage of Blast Furnace for Smithing.
  • Enough coins to pay for all the equipment and skill items that you plan to buy once you are a member.
  • Items to utilise new capabilities in free skills that come with membership.
  • Items required to do basic member quests you plan to complete.
  • Moderately high levels, as this removes possible time wasted while training F2P skills in Members when you could be questing.

Recommended members quests

If you plan to do members quests, it is a good idea to get any Free Player levels before you become a member, so you can spend more time doing members-only quests or skills without wasting membership credit for something you could do in free player worlds.

Preparing for an ending membership

When going from Pay-to-play to Free-to-play, there are many things you want to consider before your membership ends. Along with being restricted by the smaller free world area and limited to the free skills, bank space is an important aspect to consider. Non-members are limited to 78 bank spaces whereas Members have 468 extra bank spaces (for a total of 546 bank spaces).

  • If you still have more than 78 non-member items in the bank after your membership ends, the extra items will still be in the bank, but you cannot deposit anymore items unless duplicate of the item is already there.
  • Member items are not usable in the Free-to-play servers. You may keep member items in the bank, but you will not be able to use them. It may be a good idea to sell member items before the membership ends, unless you plan on starting a new membership again soon, so that you can get some money back to properly play as a free player. Of course, you could always keep the items in case you might want to resubscribe in the future.
  • If you are not planning to be a member again, it would be wise to sell all your tradeable members items before you cancel your subscription especially because you can't sell members items in F2P. This will also make you a huge sum of cash (if you had expensive members only equipment). It is not recommended to drop all your equipment in the Falador Party Room as you may want to come back to the game later.
  • Even if you are planning on becoming a member again you will have to sell most of the items because you'll probably be able to bank only the non-member's items. If you withdraw any f2p item (e.g.: an ordinary pickaxe, hatchet ecc.) you will not be able to bank it again until you'll make enough space (<78 F2P items) in your bank. To see how many extra F2P items you have in your bank move your mouse cursor over the number that indicates how many members items you hold in your bank.
  • If you have a skillcape once you become a non-member you cannot equip it again. If planning to have it equipped the time you spend as a non-member it is wise to drop all free-to-play capes to avoid wearing those capes over your skillcape. It is not advised to equip a questing cape as it will unequip when the next quest is released. Also, you may not train Dungeoneering, since you would have to remove the cape.
  • When the membership ends and you still have members armour equipped, you will still be wielding the armour, weapons, shields, etc., but they will have the special abilities & stats disabled.
  • Keeping useful Free-to-play items and armour might not be a bad idea. Some of these items/armour include, but are not limited to: Rune/Green d'hide equipment, cooked/raw Swordfish (eventually as rewards from the Managing Miscellania activity), strength potions (from training herblore), etc.


  • Jagex reached the one million member count mark on 4 May 2007.[1]
  • If you train combat and you are wielding a members' item on a free to play world in the weapon slot, you will fight with your fist/foot as if you were unarmed. When the free version of RuneScape Classic existed, members' weapons would automatically become unequipped when the player logs in to a free world.
  • In the God letters, members were referred to as 'nobility' while F2P were peasants. It was also said that they paid taxes to the counsel.
  • If you bring members items into a free world, it will be re-named "Members Object". Examining it will say "Log on to a member's world to use this item."
  • Paul Gower stated that the first members benefit was being able to login any time players wanted.[2]
  • There are currently ~746,000 members and rising, as seen in the hiscores.


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